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A public innovation challenge addressing public safety and health in the District of Columbia leveraging the availability of 5G capabilities
Live Demo Showcase at Futures Forum

Challenge Overview

The DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) and partners, invites local developers, engineers and innovators to think about how the future of public safety and public health technology will benefit from 5G.

From virtual command centers to augmented reality training simulations; drone-assisted disaster response to AI health screening, the next-generation of broadband will empower first responders, health professionals and community organizations to deliver vital services faster, securely and equitably.



DCx is a two-phased, reverse pitch competition in which competitors will submit proposed proof-of-concepts to develop and demonstrate gigabit app solutions that address public safety and/or public health challenges. In phase two, semi-finalists will advance their concepts and build prototypes of proposed solutions for a chance to receive one of two final awards. 

  • Phase 1 Proof of Concept: Up to four (4) semi-finalists will be invited to advance to phase 2 and will split $14,500 in award funds to reimburse costs associated with phase 1.
  • Phase 2 Prototype: Finalist(s) will receive or split $20,000 in award funds.

Competitors will have access to engineer mentors and subject matter experts to advise and answer questions throughout the process. Proposals can focus on one or both challenge areas. 

Inclusive Innovation

We want to ensure that we are solving real problems and are doing so with equity and accessibility in mind. DC values an inclusive environment that makes the lives of everyone in DC better and ensures no one is left behind.


What is a Gigabit Application?

With the emergence of gigabit services to the home and 5G wireless networks, capabilities enabled by such speed will rapidly become more main-stream. A next-generation or “gigabit” application is a high-performance application that leverage the power of gigabit-speed networks to address real-world challenges. Gigabit applications often rely on complex interactions of Internet of Things/cyber-physical systems and local cloud computing to enable the efficient processing of big data and low-latency response time.  


Potential DCx Solutions

  • How can patient data sharing between emergency medical responders and hospitals be improved?
  • How can systems, such as gunshot detection and video cameras and other data sources be integrated and synced to deliver real-time intelligence to responders?
  • How can body worn camera technology be optimized?
  • How can we use artificial intelligence and/or augmented and virtual reality to better train emergency services and first responders?
  • How can we make public data from DC cameras and other sensors for design or developers to access and model the data?
  • How can we use technology to respond and reduce the number of opioid cases in the District?




DCx Partners


The award funding for DCx is made available through DC’s partnership with US Ignite and the Smart Gigabit Communities program funded by the National Science Foundation.

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