Designing An Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE Competition

Design an XPRIZE competition to pioneer breakthrough new energy technologies to rapidly provide Abundant Clean Energy globally Read Overview...

Can the way we generate energy be FUNDAMENTALLY transformed?


We believe the world will be much better if global clean energy generation is dramatically improved beyond current choices – and that’s why we’re developing this XPRIZE.

On a planet awash with energy, in a universe where all matter is made of immense amounts of energy (E=mc2), we find our society forced to make bad choices for most of our energy supply from a set of technologies as old as the transistor, not to mention fire. 

There are countless reasons why we need new and better sources of energy, from climate change to pollution to poverty and more.  The vast majority of mankind’s current energy use is coming from unsustainable and damaging sources.  We need something better.

An XPRIZE is a great way to inspire new solutions

Great prize competitions have worked to spawn entire new industries from ideas of inventors who entered.  XPRIZE Foundation is a global leader in designing and executing fair, well-designed incentive prize competitions.   

But what would a prize competition for abundant clean energy look like in detail?  To design a highly effective competition in detail takes a lot of thought and work and we need your input and help.

Well-designed competitions have a way of breaking new ground that seems impossible. They attract the best and brightest minds, challenging and supporting them to push all the limits.  Lots of promising ideas are on the drawing boards of inventors, small companies and scientific researchers.  They exist.  How do we draw them out and validate them so they can get the support they need to scale up and serve this huge need/market?  What better way than a well-designed, very large XPRIZE? 


Please help make this prize competition THE BEST it can be

We are in the process of designing this XPRIZE.  We recognize that we don’t have all the answers so we’re asking for your help.  We invite thoughtful advice from experts like you that can help us set up a prize competition to get the greatest results. 

We are looking for ideas on how to design the prize to:

1.  Attract the BEST, most transformative new clean energy technologies and inventions

2.  Optimally incentivize the most talented inventors/scientists/engineers to participate

3.  Clearly define prize competition structure and rules

4.  Set up scientific protocols to test and verify/validate entries

5.  Set up judging criteria to efficiently evaluate and sort through entries while not discouraging “adventurous” submissions


What’s in it for YOU?

We are putting up a $50,000 prize purse that is broken into pieces to incentivize YOU to help come up with better and better ideas on how to accomplish these objectives.

  • Start thinking of your ideas on how to best run a prize of this magnitude
  • It’s simple - The more great ideas and collaboration you share, the more points you get.  The more points you get, the more money you get - and the more you help the world.


Easy steps for you to get involved

Step 1.  Review the challenge Guidelines and start thinking of optimal ways to run a prize competition like this.

Step 2.  Sign up by clicking the orange “Accept Challenge” button above and share with others who may be interested by using the social media buttons.

Step 3.  Collaborate with others.  Add to the Wiki and the message board; contribute your ideas and earn points.  Discuss and expand the ideas of others and get more and more points.

Step 4.  Begin a competition design entry by clicking the orange “Accept Challenge” button above.

Step 5.  Win cash prizes for your contribution to helping the world.


Dive deeper if you’d like

Here is more info on what we aim to achieve and how.


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A Breakthrough in XPRIZE Design!

May 31, 2017, 4:42 a.m. PDT by Paul Musille


We are proud to announce the winners in the Designing An Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE Competition!


$10,000 Competition Design Prize

Joris van der Schot, Energy Miracle.


$10,000 Competition Design Prize

Adam Bostock, Paths to Quick and Ultimate Clean Energy Solutions  


$10,000 QuickStart Wiki Contribution Prize

Joris van der Schot’s 565 Wiki Contributions by February 28, 2017


$10,000 Final Wiki Contribution Prize

Adam Bostock’s 1,225 Wiki Contributions by April 11, 2017


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the innovators who entered the challenge. This unique challenge not only pushed innovators to think about breakthrough energy solutions, but to design an XPRIZE competition that could attract the very best ideas from around the world to address this goal. This is hard stuff! And we saw the ambition, the creativity, the struggle, and the audacity reflected in the design submissions we received. We received 28 submissions, and our evaluators selected four to receive Prizes. Altogether, there were so many other insightful solutions and dedicated wiki contributors, and we are confident that many of the innovators in this challenge will do great things in the future in the pursuit of clean energy. Thank you all for helping make this challenge a success.


What happens next? HeroX and XPRIZE celebrate the Prize winners, but also want to ensure that the collection of ideas submitted in this competition are used to maximum benefit. HeroX and XPRIZE will make the winning designs, the Wiki, and the other design submissions available to the XPRIZE Abundant Clean Energy Visioneers team. This team has embarked on a detailed prize design and impact proposal development process that will run through October 2017. The designs, data, and momentum of this Design Challenge will be a valuable resource for that effort. Stay tuned!


We would also like to thank all our supporters, partners, evaluators, commenters and anyone else who in any way contributed to our challenge community. Without you, we would not have had the challenge that we did.

Last call!

April 11, 2017, 12:48 p.m. PDT by Paul Musille

The submission deadline is just over an hour away.  It's time to finalize and submit your challenge designs before the 5pm EDT deadline!

One Week Left?!

April 3, 2017, 9:20 a.m. PDT by Maureen Murtha

Consider this your friendly reminder that there are just eight short days left before the Designing An Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE Competition submission period closes. 

Now is the time to sure up that entry and put any final touches on -- we strongly advise all participants to get their entry in before the 5pm EDT deadline on April 11th. A last-minute bottleneck of users could result in the site running slower, which leads to a lot of frustration on your part...so put your best face forward and get it in by the 10th!

Questions? Comment directly on this update or even start a thread in the forum.

Thousands of Internet Points* to everyone who submits early! 

Best of luck to you all! 

*not redeemable for cash. :)

Missed the Webinar? Watch the Recording!

March 9, 2017, 2:18 p.m. PST by Maureen Murtha

If you missed out the live webinar and Q&A session yesterday you are in luck!  We have the recording on YouTube so you can watch anytime you'd like.  


Two other updates: 

  • Check out the new video on the challenge homepage!
  • The wiki scoring calculation has changed slightly.  The score no longer includes edits made to "talk" pages.  This didn't have a large effect of the scores since most of the edits are made on the main content pages.  The talk pages remain a great place to discuss content and editorial suggestions!

4 Ways Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

March 8, 2017, 7 a.m. PST by Maureen Murtha

Have you thought about a forming a team to compete in this challenge? You should!

Teams can be formed directly on the challenge page by connecting in the forum.

Some of the advantages of forming a team include:

1. Accountability
Those deadlines are less likely to get away from you when you’re working with a group.

2. Shared workload
You know the old “divide and conquer?”  It works well for challenges! By finding a solid collaborative stride, a group of just three people can churn out a lot more than one person working alone.

3. Camaraderie
It might be hard for other people to relate to your lone wolf journey toward incentive competition conquest, but your team will be right there with you! A source of inspiration, motivation, and perhaps even fire-under-your-butt lighting, teammates can provide a huge emotional advantage. Just think - new internet friends!

4. Specialization
Maybe you’re a real visionary with an incredible concept, but are stuck on how the “nuts and bolts” fit together? Yeah, YOU need a team. Teammates who have the skills and special working knowledge can be a huge resource. And the benefits go both ways!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your team will take some time to come together, so be sure to get ahead of it and start recruiting, reaching out, and networking about the challenge now. The forum is a great place to start. Also, feel free to browse the entire HeroX Community by specialization by checking out https://herox.com/Heroes. You can message as many people as you like to gauge interest!

Good luck everyone!

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