UV Robot Design Contest

Robots are cool and so is ultraviolet C (deactivates bio-organisms). Design a robot that uses UV light to combat COVID-19 and pathogens.
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Challenge Overview

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the way we work, socialize and most importantly how we care for those who are most vulnerable. Micron would like to bring together the community of developers, makers, tinkerers and researchers to create a cost-effective and safe robotic solution to improve surface sanitation through the use of UV light to deactivate pathogens.

Your challenge is to design a robotic system that incorporates the operation of a UV light exposure system to move around and sanitize areas. Without contacting surfaces, the UV light can irradiate exposed surfaces such as doors, desks, chairs, floors, sinks and other bathroom surfaces.

We encourage you and/or a team of collaborative developers to be creative in your solutions. Use existing hardware and software solutions and open source resources to fully document your project.


Why UV?

Bio-organisms such as bacteria, spores and viruses are known to be deactivated when exposed to UV-C light irradiation. Check out the "Resources" section below to learn more on the science behind this.


Why Robots?

Robots are cool! Robots are in use for a number of applications where humans can be at risk of exposure. They can do routine tasks with accuracy and repeatability, record their actions for review and verification and work around the clock to help make our environments cleaner and safer.

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