Fannie Mae


Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge

Improving education opportunity and economic advancement through housing.
Submission Deadline
Multiple Monetary Prizes

Challenge Overview

Improving education opportunity and
economic advancement through housing



Fannie Mae wants to join forces with you to create greater access to stable, affordable housing within sustainable communities using housing as a lever to improve education outcomes and economic mobility for low-income households.


When families live in stable and affordable homes in a sustainable community, they have greater opportunities to prosper in other aspects of life, including education and economic advancement. For the third phase of the Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge (“The Challenge”), we are seeking comprehensive solutions, including mature ideas and proven models that are ready to scale, which expand access to quality affordable housing for underserved and low-income people while catalyzing opportunities in education and forging pathways to economic mobility.


Submit your innovative ideas. We’ll identify the best innovations and provide support to 
advance winning ideas through research and design (contract award up to $250,000),
idea development (up to $500,000), and scaling (up to $1.5M).


If you’d like to help Fannie Mae improve education opportunity and economic advancement through housing, please register to submit your idea by entering your email address and password below. The deadline to submit ideas is May 30, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Fannie Mae is accepting one idea submission per applicant.