Super Sweet Content

Super Sweet Content

Create awesome crowdsourcing project-specific content and win. Read Overview...

A Unique Opportunity to Create Crowdsourcing Content

Have you heard that the Coca-Cola Company is currently running crowdsourcing projects with HeroX? The Sweetener Challenge is taking a hard science approach to discovering a naturally-occurring compound that tastes like sugar, but without the calories. The set-up is pretty great: a big company, a big problem -- in particular, one everyone can relate to -- who doesn't love something with a sweet taste to it?

But how precisely do we engage and educate the large, international communities looking to participate in this specific crowdsourcing effort? Is it with curated stories and videos from around the internet, 100% original content, or a blend? That’s where you come in. For the first time, HeroX is opening up our very own internal process of project-specific content to the crowd.

We’re offering $50 per winning piece of content (with no limit on the number of submissions) and a platform for publishing for the best content on subjects related to the Coca-Cola Sweetener Challenge. Bring us your videos, long-form essays, curated content (with credit!), research papers, or editorials that illustrate endless possibilities for a breakthrough. The best of the best will win cash prizes for their effort, but more significantly, will become a published thought leader in the HeroX network, and likely asked to do similar work again in the future.

Key Message is Key

As mentioned above, the key message your content should convey will be relevant to and validate the Coca-Cola Company Sweetener Challenge. It doesn’t have to be all about sugar or sweeteners - feel free to get a creative and take a few liberties - but always bring it home so the audience can connect with the competition itself. 

Target audience

Think carefully about the audience(s) you are engaging with, and their "taste" in content. The Sweetener audience is tasked with identifying a chemical compound in a detailed, technical competition. While chemistry and food science are obviously the major themes in this challenge, the biological and psychological components of the human sense of taste is also very relevant.


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