SEDS-USA: Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition


SEDS-USA: Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition (RRRC)

Opportunities for University rocketry teams to design/build/launch their rocket project and compete against other university teams.

This challenge is closed

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Spaceport America Cup Qualifier

This challenge is closed



SEDS-USA: Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition

Looking for another opportunity to launch rockets and compete regionally against other university rocketry teams? Interested in securing a spot in next year's Spaceport America Cup? This rocketry challenge is designed specifically for teams that are looking to get more launch opportunities and experience flying larger rockets. 

If you do well, your team can qualify for the next Spaceport America Cup. 

In this challenge, you will be asked to design a rocket with a 2.2 (1kg) payload that will launch for a 10,000' flight and recover successfully. A successful flight will demonstrate the engineering skills and capabilities you and your team have. 

This competition is in partnership with ESRA and will follow Tripoli Rocketry Association Flight Safety Code. Rules and guidelines are very similar to the Spaceport America Cup but with a maximum impulse of an L.  



Guidelines, rules, and regulations for the SEDS-USA: Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition (RRRC) will be provided directly on our website.

Please look for the following documents to ensure proper protocol:

  • RRRC Rules & Requirements
  • RRRC Design, Test, & Evaluation Guide

Please fill out the "Notice of intent" template in the "Forums" if you wish to participate

Fees for competition:

Rocket Fee (per competing rocket): 
Participant Fee (per student) w/ included SEDS-USA Merch: 
Application Fee (Per university rocketry group) One fee per school. Each school may have MULTIPLE teams/rockets:

Current Launch Site List (as of 12/30/20):

 South East - Tripoli East North Carolina - Located in the Raleigh/Durham NC area (late Mar 2021)

Midwest - Tripoli Mid Ohio - Located near Springfield Ohio (April 2021)

South - Tripoli Houston - Located south of Houston, Texas
          Tripoli North Texas - Located near Seymour, Texas

   West - AeroPac - Launch site is the Black Rock Desert, Northwestern Nevada

West - Friends of Amateur Rocketry - Southern California


Challenge Updates

UPDATE #2: Reminders

Feb. 23, 2021, 3:37 a.m. PST by Nicole Chase

Hello, everyone!

We're just under a month away from when the submission period ends. With Spaceport America now being virtual this year, this competition is a great way to still get an opportunity to fly your rocket this year. Please spread the word to your peers and colleagues at other campuses around the USA and around the world as ITAR doesn't fly here. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to SEDS-USA's Director of Projects, Nicole Chase ( or the KRRC Project Manager, Emily Endicott (

Cheers and Ad Astra.


UPDATE #1: Welcome aboard

Oct. 8, 2020, 11:11 p.m. PDT by SEDS-USA: Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition

Attention all Rocketry Teams 
Welcome to the SEDS-USA: RRRC (Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition)


In this section, you will find the most recent updates, news, directions, and reminders in regard to all information related to the SEDS-USA: RRRC to keep things... nominal. This section will serve as a great benefit to all teams when going through each stage of the competition to keep. Please visit frequently and stay connected for more information to come! It is highly suggested to save this site as a favorite on your current browser in order to have quick access to the platform. 



Please be sure to register to the HeroX platform, to ensure your team's eligibility. 
This step is a requirement to all teams in order to participate.


Once registered, please take the time to review each piece of information such as rules and regulations, timeline, etc. If you have any questions, you will never be left alone. First, check out the FAQ to see if your question has been answered in that section. If not, please post in forums.


I will be sure to answer any questions you may have related to the competition and ensure you have a good understanding of what is to come! 


If you would like, you can introduce yourselves on the comments section below (School, hobbies, current study, etc.) to get in touch directly. You can also ask general questions if needed.