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Mental Health and Wellness App for First Responders

We are seeking new or existing applications (apps) that proactively help with the mental health and fitness of our first responders.

Challenge Overview

Problem Statement

The physical and psychological injuries experienced by first responders (e.g. police, emergency medical services, firefighters, military, etc.) are unique to the realities of front-line emergency services. There is a real value to be added by creating tools to support first responders in staying healthy, and proactively addressing physical and psychological health issues in a timely manner. The Edmonton Police Service has lost a few of its employees to suicide in the past two decades, and would like to provide additional resources to bolster its current employee assistance program. There are talented, inspiring health practitioners tackling mental and physical health issues for front-line staff. There are brilliant minds in the technology field who are eager to make a real impact in improving the health of millions of first responders, globally. We’re asking you to help us support first responders.

Current Solutions

Current solutions are primarily manual and require self governance.

Pain Points

Recruit Engagement While a website may give them the basic information, they may require specialized answers or mentoring, and often want to hear directly from a first responder for questions like: • What level of physical fitness is required? • How can I prepare better for training? • What a day in the life might be like? • What to expect in recruit training? • How will a career in first response affect my family? Employee Physical Wellness Employees within the first responder industry want better ways to track their fitness and wellness goals. Emergency response is a demanding career and often the physical well-being of employees is directly connected to their success in the job. Employee Mental Wellness We know mental wellness is directly connected to physical wellness. That said, working within the emergency response industry can expose first responders to many challenging situations that take its toll on their mental well-being.

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