Solving the locust swarm challenge by using DOME principle

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by Anteneh Gashaw | Nov. 20, 2019
Solving the locust swarm challenge by using DOME principle in Africa

Locusts eat plant material. They are a problem because swarming locusts will strip an area of its vegetation including the crops. Considering the world population is increasing exponentially , we can not afford to waste crop production: not even for small and middle farmers. 

The current management of the locust management is using pesticide which is an irresponsible way of quick fix because it will affect the soil chemistry of the crop land in the future. In developed countries they can manage  quickly but in African countries it is different story. 

The simplest solution are mostly the best one and in this case covering the farm land using detachable DOME. Kenyan smallholders farm 0.47 hectares and in Ethiopia the average small farm size is 0.9 hectares. If the government manufacture a believable and detachable transparent dome that can be covered in matter of minutes and sells to farmers with cheap price they can minimize their loss economically.  I have designed the mechanism already but I am really not interested in pursuing the implementation process because  it probability involves convincing policy enforcers which I found pointless. 

So, for the sake of keeping the flow of food alive someone with resource should contact me to build the prototype and solve this problem.