Anteneh Gashaw

I have dedicated my life for invention and research because not only I have big…
Addis Ababa, Ādīs Ābeba Āstedader, Ethiopia
Find street dog
Facial recognition to recognize street dogs and give info to dog catcher for the safety of street and health of all living in the city.
by Anteneh Gashaw
Safety For Cyclists
A manual adjusting protective cover from rain droplets that can be used on any frames for cyclist to prevent accident during rain.
by Anteneh Gashaw
Ambulance First
An app that shows alternative route for cars to make the road free for city ambulance when they are carrying patients from point "A" to "B".
by Anteneh Gashaw
I will pay letter
New way of paying transport providing companies when passengers forgot their wallet and phone. This is mainly done by using fingerprint tech
by Anteneh Gashaw
Dynamic ETA
Developing app that tells ETA by considering all static and dynamic variables of street congestion factors like number of cars and so on.
by Anteneh Gashaw
Automatic stretching and compressing vehicle
Car that stretch and compress with one push of a button (sport car transform in to limousine or limousine that transform to normal car).
by Anteneh Gashaw
Moving a car to side in parking spot
This invention is design of moving a car side when the car is parked in a street and it is locked by other parked cars from front and back.
by Anteneh Gashaw
Manual extension of pickup trunk for road safety
Pickup trucks to extend their trunk when carrying a long material to minimize risk of accident on person driving behind the trunk.
by Anteneh Gashaw
City Of The Future
A next generation city train that transport peoples with their cars from one city to another with passengers sitting inside their own cars.
by Anteneh Gashaw
Genius City
Next generation digital speed limit sign that actually limit, control and reduce the speed of over speeding vehicle for safe transportation.
by Anteneh Gashaw
Smart city
It is about solving transportation problem in cities by interconnecting everyone's calendar and schedule with transportation providers.
by Anteneh Gashaw
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