Template: Instructions for Judging Panel

Use the below template email for when you have assigned submissions to your judging panel:



Thank you again for participating on the evaluation panel for the [INSERT CROWDSOURCING NAME AND HYPERLINK] on! After a great deal of review, the team has whittled the list of submissions from [TOTAL NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS] to just [FINAL NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS FOR THE JUDGING PANEL].

The submissions for your review have been assigned on Below is a step by step guide and a link to a short video to help you through the evaluation process. Please complete all of your reviews by [INSERT DATE] at [INSERT TIME AND TIMEZONE].

While you have some time to complete your reviews, please take a moment to log into and do a quick scan of all submissions assigned to you. Should you note any conflicts of interest, please let [INSERT CONTACT PERSON] know right away so that we can reassign the submission.

Follow these steps to evaluate each submission:

1. Log in to 
3. Click on the "Entries" tab and then the "View Submissions” within that tab
4. Click on the submission title (in orange text)
5. Review the submission
6. Click on the "Set Score” button
7. Score each of the criteria by pulling the slider (each one comes up with an individual range)
8. Click “Submit"
9. Move to the next submission

How to Judge screencast:

You can revisit submissions, change scores, and make comments at any time until the evaluation deadline. If you have any questions, run into any issues, or if you believe you will not be able to complete your reviews by the requested deadline, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again for your time and we look forward to reviewing the results!

Warm regards,