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C-UAS FS-LIDS Packaging

The US Army's C-UAS office seeks to reduce the packaging and improve transportability of its FS-LIDS capability.

This challenge is closed


This challenge is closed




Problem Statement

The Army is looking for a partner to propose improved transportability, reduced transit cases, reduced size, and preparation for installation on a new trailer configuration of its current Fixed Site-Low, Slow, Small UAV Integrated Defeat Systems (FS-LIDS). Awardee will be placed on agreement for 90 days with an option for an additional 90 days to assist the Government.



Current Solutions

Today this system requires two Air Force 463 pallets and has over 50 transit cases.

  1. There are currently 47 FS-LIDS deployed in active combat zones
  2. Current system consists of 61 cases, not including Kinetic subsystems
  3. Opportunity to move FS-LIDS from pelican cases to platform exists
  4. There are several FS-LIDS trailer/flat-rack concept proposals that the Government is considering


Pain Point

System needs to be more transportable and fit on a 2 wheel JLTV trailer with 147 cubic feet of storage space.  How do we take the current systems and better configure them for transportation and ease of movement?



We are buying the data rights on how to better package and transport the FS-LIDS.  The POP is a single procurement plus 90 days of on-call SME support.


Who should submit?

If you have a good understanding of how to package national security equipment and believe that you can design a better way to configure the current equipment.  We are looking for innovation.  Keep in mind that this is a defense department requirement so all solutions must be all weather capable, transportable on military aircraft and preference is given for US of NATO providers.


Who can submit?

We are looking for companies or academic institutions that are interested in solving national security problems.  You do not have to have a security clearance, but your personnel must be able to pass a background investigation and be able to access defense department facilities.


What do I submit?

In addition to the submission form please enclose a sketch or drawing of how you might reconfigure the FS-LIDS.  Drawing can be hand drawn or digital sketched.  Give us an idea of your capabilities.


Intellectual Property

Innovator will transfer to Government intellectual property rights to their idea.

About the Prize

This prize is sponsored by One Nation Innovation, a 501(3)(c), established to help the Government find better solutions to emerging technology problems.  The customer is United States Army Program Executive Office Missiles and Space Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems office.  Winners are chosen based on the strength of their ideas, ability to demonstrate advanced logistics and transportation concepts, and problem solving adaptability.