I’m declaring tomorrow, October 14, as D-Day in the war on cancer. 

Just like June 6, 1944, the war will not be over tomorrow on D-Day. But the troops will have established a beachhead, and the tide of the war on cancer will have shifted. Cancer’s days are numbered. 

Why do I believe TOMORROW is Cancer D-DAY? 

Well, as you know, I’m an engineer by training. I was taught to use rigorous, exacting calculations to come with solid solutions to problems. 

So when I see a solution or system that is shoddy, not working, poorly designed or even killing the people it is meant to help…it drives me crazy with righteous indignation. 

Years ago, I saw that the marketing systems used by most small businesses were shoddy. And it drove me to the verifiable, results-based methods of direct marketing and Google AdWords.  

When I discovered that modern evolutionary theory was seriously flawed, and promoted at least a nihilistic view of human life and, at most, a genocidal and murderous view…well, I set out to fix the problem. 

Now, I’ve set my sights on cancer. 

Why cancer? Because the “solutions” for cancer are seriously flawed. 

And they are killing people. 

You could say that zero progress has been made on late-stage cancer in the last 40 years.

Catch it early and we do a much better job than 40 years ago? 

But catch it too late? You’re just as doomed to a slow painful demise as you were in 1980.

Billions and billions of research dollars…and scant, if any, results to show for it. 

All because of a flawed view of cancer “evolution.”

And I’m going to fix that. 

Yes, I know that’s big talk. But I don’t fight small battles. 

And it’s not just talk. 

I’ve teamed up with a group of world class scientists to organize the first conference in history to specifically focus on high-speed mechanisms of biological evolution as they relate to cancer biology and therapies.

Scientists from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford, Johns Hopkins, Columbia and MD Anderson. 

It starts tomorrow, October 14. 

Our goal is nothing short of winning the war on cancer. 

And tomorrow is D-Day.  

The Zoom conference takes place October 14-16. Not only will we provide 3 half-days of intensive discussion and discovery, many of the speakers will be hosting live Q&A sessions in subsequent weeks.

Register here: