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A Gouda Idea
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The clever design isn't just for Swiss or American fish, but also for those a little Bleu.
This cheese wedge is a fishy dream come true.
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Holey Cannoli. This design features various size holes for fish and friends to feel right at home.
Fun and cheerful, the wedge incorporates many well-planned features including:
a) Small semicircle holes and tunnels increase the overall surface area, and allow for sea snails, algae eaters, and bottom feeders a surface to call home.
b) A slightly textured surface allows coral to latch on while growing their colony (in a long term environment).
c) Ecologically friendly, it's made of a compressed calcium substrate, bio-degradeable plastic (like PotatoWare) or concrete (whichever's strongest). The idea behind the compressed calcium is to aid in the growth of local shelled mollusks/coral, as many are affected by ocean acidification (which prevents them from growing their shells well, as the calcium becomes inaccessible to the animals). That way, calcium will be added back in to the ocean and help the shell-growing animals around the cheese. It's especially helpful if the robot can't find it - more calcium for the animals!
d) No internal pockets and open design, the wedge can withstand the high pressure of deep ocean living.
e) Compact design, no tiny fixtures or appendages to fall off when the robotic arm picks it up.
f) The bright mac and cheese colored wedge helps the robotic arm locate it quickly.
g) Large planar surfaces will bounce sound waves back for easy detection.
h) The X-Prize logo proudly displayed for easy identification. Although, what other cheese wedges are found at the bottom of the ocean?
Aha -- a seemingly simple wedge of cheese, designed to be multi functional.
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