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Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize

Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize

A $1,000,000 challenge to build a world-changing economic system aided with Invention Computer system (ICS).

Challenge Overview

Creative Future Economy IT Corporation is a new innovation type of Artificial Intelligence Start-Up Company. It uses a proprietary-Creativity Invention Computer System (ICS) to aid and/or enable invention, build a new scientific economic phenomena and development of nearly any product or method on demand. Use of Creativity Invention Computer System is made possible with proprietary IT Creative Business Model.

The Company can be the biggest-ever global business with the biggest-ever economic package of proprietary high-need and world-changing economic advancements for ushering in the new Creative Artificial Intelligence Economic System. It is starting with primarily ICS-aided Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize which will dramatically change more than the 50 trillion dollar present economic system with eco-postively hydrogen energy, provide electricity uses, VTOL space and air travel at low cost, new monetary system design in harmony with social and environmental interests, new market economy system, non-polluting anywhere, a "space train" with selectively faster-than-light speed is made possible, mining, agriculture, all forms of transportation, and provide a solution towards the end of poverty and much more.

Over the next coming months, Creative Future Economy IT Corporation and HeroX will seek to engage big thinkers across a range of industries and backgrounds throughout the world to participate in Creative World Economy Collaboration prize, as soon as it is funded or sponsored, in what will become a start of a historic challenge. It will be the best-ever investment opportunity. Horrendous new opportunities from highly accelerated envisioned advancements of most major industries will be available in the new economic paradigm Era as described further in this challenge and as will be explained in our upcoming website. This will be the greatest advancement of world economic conditions in the history of civilization. It could have as much corporate value as Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway and General Motors combined within ten years.

The new innovation type of Artificial Neural Network platform advanced by -- Creative Future Economy IT Corporation -- is aimed to introduce a new scientific economic worldwide advancements. It can start creative motivation in place of adversarial motivation for business objectives. “Abundance Economics” with uncontrolled abundances will replace “Scarcity Economics” with controlled scarcities for support of business profit. Absentee corporate ownership will hire management to maximize profit from shared wealth and increasingly maximized living standards of employees, customers and the general public instead of by creating adversarial wealth-difference power structures. Government legislation and administration may be less manipulated by adversarial wealth and power units. Economic inflation from creating controlled scarcities to facilitate public control can cease. Economic system may no longer be used as a means of public manipulation and control. Free enterprise may no longer include freedom to plunder and manipulate the public to benefit adversarial power structures.

With these envisioned advancements pioneered by Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize, the Human Race can advance and prosper more rapidly, reliably and peacefully. Our ecosystem can be improved instead of plundered destructively, regardless of whether or not we find ways to expand into the Universe.

The Creative Business Model of Creative Future Economy IT Corporation can provide much higher profit and ROI from immensely higher productiveness of employees and an increasingly enlightened general public in creatively abundant economic conditions than in adversarial power-structure-suppressed conditions.      


Creative Future Economy IT, Corporation’s Vast ICS-aided breakthroughs of proprietary advancements enabled by the Creativity Business Model and the Company’s Creative Education includes products and new economic system methods related to Creative World Economic System Collaboration Innovation Prize in nearly all major industries. For instance, market value of the Company’s vehicle, machinery, tools and other products that will use Creative hydrogen Engine System as “engine-use systems” ranges from five-to-twenty times the market value of the Engine separately. Total annual market value of the Engine, the engine use systems and the products and methods not related to the Engine is in excess of $1 trillion.

Company divisions and/or subsidiaries for doing business within areas of proprietary advancements are listed as follows to portray extent and nature of the Company’s proprietary business.

Creative Future Economy Hydrogen Engine System Company will produce, sell and provide all units of Creative Future Economy Corporation with all needed types and sizes of Creative Hydrogen Engine System. This unit of Creative Future Economy Corporation can achieve a relative order magnitude (ROM) estimate of $200 billion in gross sales annually within five years. Global solutions that the new technology is capable of addressing the direct needs of the entire Energy industry, including all oil, gas, coal, uranium and all forms of “green tech” energy and their support industries. Gas stations, pipe lines, tank cars, tank ships, ocean ports, coal mines, coal railroads and all related support businesses fits in competitors strategy. Total economic market value will be at least $30 trillion. The Engine Industry will survive and expand in different forms with licensing and outsource production of the Creative hydrogen Engine System.

Creative Future Economy Auto Company will make and sell proprietary cars, trucks, buses and motor homes that are smoother riding, safer, longer lasting, more lastingly styled and use the Creative hydrogen Engine System. Additionally, automotive-vehicle versions of the Creative hydrogen Engine System will be licensed globally to the Auto industry to hasten decrease of smog and manmade global warming. This will also provide royalty income for capitalizing Company business expansion. The Company’s auto unit can have an estimated ROM of $300 billion in annual sales, including license royalties, within five years. The conventional Auto industry also will thrive with licensed use of the Creative hydrogen Engine System.

Creative Future Economy Water Company  will provide global abundance of freshwater with low-cost desalination of seawater and pumping it to all habitable, industrial and agricultural areas, including world deserts and high hinterlands plateaus. The water unit of the company can have estimated global gross sales in excess of $50 billion within five years.  

Creative Future Economy Utilities Company will produce utility units that provide heating, more desirable free air conditioning, free water purification and non-polluting electricity for homes, businesses and buildings. This will replace a large portion of the electrical power and water industry. This can be one of the largest units of the Company but with slightly slower growth initially, while architects, builders and customers adjust building factors and become familiar with the utility units. ROM gross sales in five years can be $200 billion.

Creative Future Economy Manufacturing Company will produce and utilize Invention Computer System, and related machine tools for faster, more accurate and less expensive productive development and automated metal machining. It will eliminate approximately 80 per cent of production labor, machinery and production-building costs. The poor and middle class people will benefit with the Kelsonian binary financing model integrated in MuRatopian Intersection Economics explained in Ssemakula Peter Luyima’s recently released The New Future of Money book. Gross sales of the automation unit can be $8 billion within five years while machine shops and OEM producers learn to replace all other machine tools, except a few machining peripherals, with this one machine tool. This division will also produce a conglomeration of proprietary and nonproprietary machines, tools, compressors, pumps, generators, vehicles and other items.   

Creative Future Economy Marine Company will produce and/or license production of jet-propelled, flat-bottomed and/or hydro-winged boats, yachts, ships, barges, aircraft carriers, and huge military landing craft capable of approximately 100 miles per hour, in addition to producing and/or licensing production of highly improved displacement-hull marine vessels, all with flotation water for fuel with appropriate versions of the Creative Hydrogen Engine System. Gross sales of the marine unit can be $20 billion within five years, including license royalties and partnerships with existing marine vehicle companies.  

Creative Future Economy Oil Company will provide less than one-percent of oil-drilling time and costs, full recovery of all flowable oil from any oil-existent depth and full recovery of all “old oil” that is non-recoverable with conventional recovery technologies. There is approximately 1,000 times more known and now recoverable old oil than all oil that has been recovered to date globally. At least 10,000 times as much oil as has been recovered to date exists globally. All of it can now be made available inexpensively with Creative Future Economy Corporation planned proprietary petroleum technology. It will be used for inexpensive chemical stock’ for plastics, building materials, road surfacing and other non-energy needs. $10 billion of annual sales within five years is the ROM estimate for the Company’s oil unit.

Creative Future Economy Chemical Company will provide low-cost refining of petroleum and low cost processing of natural gas for low-cost production of chemical products from the high abundance of raw petroleum stock made available by Creative Future Economy Oil Company. ROM for the chemical unit is approximately equal to the oil unit at $10 billion annually within five years.

Creative Future Economy Mining Company will provide automated underground mining and highly efficient surface mining for creating high global abundances of all metals and stones. ROM sales volume for the mining unit in five years is $5 billion.

Creative Future Economy Mineral Exploration Company will provide grid exploration of desired portions of the world, including much ocean bottom that can now be mined with proprietary technology of Creative Future Economy IT Corporation for complete global analysis of mineral existence. This is an adjunct to Creative Future Economy Mining Company. ROM annual sales volume for the exploration unit in five years is $2 billion.

Creative Future Economy Metals Company will provide low-cost electrical processing and smelting of ores for low-cost production of metals. ROM annual sales volume for the metal unit in five years is $5 billion.

Creative Future Economy Aerospace Company will produce and/or license production of proprietary commercial and private planes that fly in and out of space on free water for fuel with propulsion versions of the Creative Hydrogen Engine System. ROM annual sales volume for the aerospace unit in five years is $20 billion.

Creative Future Economy Train Company will produce and/or license production of desirably fast and inexpensive trains and subways. ROM annual sales potential for the train unit in five years is $5 billion.

Creative Future Economy Agricultural Company will provide advanced farming methods, machinery, and nutritious foods that improve the health and help eliminate most present healthcare, medical and drug costs. ROM annual sales for the agriculture unit in five years are $5 billion. Economic impact can be eventual elimination of approximately 75 percent of the Medical profession, the Hospital industry and about ten percent of the insurance industry.

Creative Future Economy University will provide creative education publicly and for all employees and their families continuously from early youth to death. ROM annual sales volume for the university unit in five years is $1 billion.

Creative Future Economy Healthcare System will provide total healthcare, rotational employment and management, food, lifestyle, and living facilities for maximizing personal fulfillment, creativity, productiveness and longevity for all of the Company’s lifetime employees and their families. ROM annual sales volume for the healthcare unit in five years is $1 billion.

Total Five-Year ROM Sales Volume

This is the total ROM annual sales potential of approximately one-trillion dollars in five years. Of course, this is not realistically achievable for competitive business and present economic reasons. But it is a realistic estimate of potential economic value in a new economic paradigm.

Industry Cultural Centers

The thousands-of-times ROI for investors will be enabled by the IT Creative Business Model at luxuriously advanced industry cultural centers in desirable parts of the world that can be sparsely populated.  People won't need to drive to work or anywhere for most of their needs. They will have the Company's vertical-lift atmospheric and trans-atmospheric planes for fast and low-cost flight to anywhere in the world.  This will alleviate greatly increased traffic on roads, on oceans and in the air resulting from new-energy transportation of the Hydrogen Economy. 

The world's increasingly highest living standards will be provided for conditionally lifetime employees and their families at the industry cultural centers. Providing the increasingly highest living standards will be part of Company employment. In addition to the high living standards, comradery and human fulfillment will be increasingly more desirable than otherwise achievable.

Investors may find the industry cultural centers to be so desirable and better than otherwise available that they like to stay there, at least part of their lives, and even be employees as well as investors for full-time residence. 

Conditionally lifetime employees will be part owners of the dCompany and can invest for increased ownership.

Use of the Company's proprietary Invention Computer System (ICS) that has enabled the Creative hydrogen Engine system technology and the initial backlog of Company proprietary advancements will be taught to employees. This requires multiple-field, concept-level and reference-use creative education which increases creativity exponentially per plurality and differences of learning fields. Depth and thoroughness of specialized research and education also will increase and provide effective information for creative education. This also facilitates multiple development, manufacturing and marketing capabilities that are well suited for the industry cultural centers.

Ultrahigh creativity of employees will result in proprietary innovation of multiple goods, services and businesses that are highly competitive and profitable for the Company. The innovation may be commercialized selectively by other industry cultural centers selectively or possibly sold or licensed.

The IT Creative Business Model will undertake inventing, developing and commercializing goods and services which Company management and employees deem to be objectively and progressively most beneficial to Company employees and their families, to progress of civilization and to utilization of the universal ecosystem.  Fantasy, deception, mental inaccuracy, untruth, illogic and antisocialness will be avoided to foster positive and accurate innovation and cooperative Company activity.

Factual instead of a conventionally emotional consumer marketing will be employed. This will be so competitive that other companies will tend to use the same methods to survive competitively.  This will improve global economics immensely.

High Quality Marketing Centers

Super marketing centers of high quality food, advanced company products and the best of all possible other products will be provided by the Company.  The public will come to know that the Company produces and markets the best of everything for improving civilization and the lives of people.

Natural Economic Demand 

The Creative Business Model is a natural development of economic demand. It will be widely appreciated by the general public because it benefits them so obviously and so extensively. 

It is peaceful change to preempt any revolutionary or unpeaceful change that could occur from perpetuation of present national and global conditions.

Creative World Economy System

An increasingly superior civilization can be achieved with what Ssemakula Peter Luyima term "The Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation."  It is a philosophy on which Creative Future Economy IT Creative Business Model is based. Comprehensive explanation of The Creative Way is too voluminous for this challenge.

Basically, however, The Creative World Economy System improves technological and human factors without allowing hindrance of knowledge and opportunity for protection of established interests. It seeks logically scientific and human-factor advancement without restraint. It avoids any and all authoritatively erroneous or otherwise mistaken technological and human-factor limitations of advancement for the increasingly superior civilization.

For example, to invent the Creative Hydrogen Engine System, the increasingly exponential increase of pressure per heat of water was acknowledged as activative release of stored atomic energy and utilized instead being denied authoritatively to protect the Energy Industry.

The Hydrogen Economy enabled by the Creative Hydrogen Engine System allows an abundance economy that ends need for survival competition by the Human Species. Far more creatively productive and desirable intra-species supportive civilization can now replace adversarial civilization that is legalized  slavery "to the extent that the public will bear".

The Creative Way is entirely different from the "Capital World's" prevention of disruptive-advancement technology and businesses. A wide selection of methods of obstructing competitively disruptive advancement technology and businesses that could make the world much better are utilized by the Capital World. These adverse objectives are achieved primarily through business "angels" and venture capitalists. The business angels and venture capitalists are obligated to direction by the Capital World for capital they get from its financial institutions for financing only established-industry-supportive companies and entrepreneurs and for opposing all competitively disruptive advancement. 

Business angels and venture capitalists are utilized by the Capital World to influence any and all known independent individuals and organizations with investment-available money to relinquish control of their financial resources to the business angels and venture capitalists. This obligates the independent individuals and organizations to control of their investment-available money by the Capital World. This leaves independent inventors and other sources of advantageously disruptive advancement with a dearth of capital sources, unless they "go public". 

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