Control The Flow

Miniature flow control valve that regulates / measures water flow and reports the data via wifi or Bluetooth to a digital system

Challenge Overview

About the Flow Control Challenge

Your mission is to design a miniature control valve for water that meets the following standards.

Round in shape with the OD (Outside Diameter) no bigger than 1” and no longer than 3” (including the threads) with ½” NPT (National Pipe Threads) female threads on both ends. 

The valve must allow for a dynamically settable flow (between 1 to 5 gpm) and continually measure this flow, periodically reporting the flow to a central digital system (PC, Tablet, cloud).

The desired flow change setting will occur on average 1 – 5 times per week and shall also be controlled through a remote device / app. 

The water will only flow between 2 – 20 minutes every day or twice a day. The valve shall be battery powered, the battery should last a minimum of 1-year. Due to its location, the valve cannot rely on solar panels or any other source of electricity. No electrical components shall come in contact with water. Valve must be able to maintain the flow in 20% accuracy.

Design criteria should include allowances for differential pressure between 40 to 80 PSID, maximum inline pressure 100 PSI. Temperature range 95F - 200F.



  • OD 1" and 3" long brass body;
  • Total cost < $40 assembled;
  • The battery should last 1 year minimum (easy to change);
  • The valve should last minimum 2 years (warranty);
  • Valve is able to maintain the flow in 20% accuracy;
  • WiFi/Bluetooth communication;



  • Cost of manufacturing (entries with lower cost receive more votes);
  • Number of parts (entries with less number of parts receive more votes);
  • Ease of manufacturing (entries which require common methods receive more votes);
  • Adherence to technical requirements
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