A global competition in search of breakthrough innovative ideas to rapidly transform and mend the intended gap in any ASEAN country Read Overview...

We are awarding $100,000 USD to a startup anywhere in the world with a transformative idea that can be scaled in the ASEAN region. Whether you are building smart city solutions to change infrastructure built 50 years ago or whether you are changing the way people travel, eat, communicate, learn, trade, if you are changing mindsets – we want you.

When coming up with ideas, entrepreneurs will need to take into consideration of a few things – their innovative ideas must be big enough to address the current gaps in the ASEAN market, they will need to produce a world-class concept with advantageous technology, that is feasible and realistic.

Additionally, the proposition must also be appealing in terms of value to the prospective customer, as profitability of product plays a vital role in the selection criteria.

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