Digital Technologies in the Chemical Production Process

Revolutionizing Process Efficiency and Effectiveness through Digital Technologies in Technologies in Chemical Production Processes
Submission Deadline


Bondalti looks for innovative solutions using digital technologies to boost process efficiency and effectiveness resulting in dramatic gains, operational costs, product output while, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring high safety and cybersecurity standards.

Details of the Challenge

Bondalti is at the forefront of Chloralkali, Aniline, and Derivatives production, striving for continuous process and operational improvements. This approach is to complement existing continuous improvement initiatives, and to equip Bondalti with options with greater impact and return, embracing more distant horizons of innovation.

Bondalti is a reference in Chlor-Alkali, Aniline, and Derivatives production, and committed to continuously enhancing its processes and operations to achieve excellence. The challenge focuses on leveraging digital technologies to boost process efficiency and effectiveness resulting in dramatic gains, operational costs, product output while, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring high safety and cibersecurity standards. This initiative is integral to the Bondalti ongoing efforts in continuous improvement and seeks to provide impactful and innovative solutions that extend the boundaries of current operational excellence.

As a leading chemical industry with a competitive position in the market where it operates, Bondalti core business is the production of Chlor-Alkalis (PCA), in the inorganic chemical segment, and Aniline and Derivatives (PAD), in the segment of organic chemicals.

Currently, Bondalti is the largest Iberian producer of chlorine and hypochlorite and European leader in sales of aniline and mononitrobenzene (MNB), as well as one of the world’s leading non-integrated aniline producers. To produce its chemical products, Bondalti relies on several industrial units that are dependent on raw materials such as benzene, salt, ammonia and hydrogen, as well as utilities such as electricity. The company is a national reference in the hydrogen (H2) value chain, with a strong position as a producer of H2 without direct use of natural gas.

With the evolving market dynamics and emerging new applications of these chemicals, there's an imperative need to explore and implement innovative business models. This will not only enhance Bondalti market presence but also ensure its sustainability and adaptability in the ever-changing industrial landscape.

Understanding the profound impact of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies across various sectors, Bondalti recognize the significance of leveraging these opportunities, especially on the side of radically improving operating costs. Faced with this challenge, Bondalti aims to identify and enhance solutions that not only yield incremental improvements but also deliver transformative results, acknowledging the need for impactful advancements in our ever-evolving landscape.

Innovative strategies or technological solutions that could be applied, potential for scalability and adaptability to current processes.

The benefits are:

·     Increase safety, productivity and competitiveness;

·     Increase production output/flexibility;

·     Decrease environmental impact;

·     Ensuring high safety standards.


Expected Solution

Find groundbreaking solutions to enhance the operational effectiveness and efficiency of Bondalti production lines, namely, Chloralkali and Aniline production processes, using digital technologies.

The Solver task is to identify opportunities and develop digital solutions that optimize Bondalti process. Participants are invited to:

·     Propose digital solutions like automation, AI-driven real-time monitoring, optimization, anticipation, or AI-driven process control, to enhance efficiency, increasing output, while maintaining product quality.

·     Explore methods to minimize waste and resource consumption.

·     Propose productivity increase applications in maintenance operations and safety.


Exclusion criteria:

Proposals that are not environmentally sustainable, require excessive capital investment or do not offer a clear improvement over current operations.


Deadline of the Challenge:

Open Call: 01st February, 2024

Submission Deadline: 18th March, 2024

Pre-selection deadline: 01st April, 2024

Pitch Day: 14th April, 2024

Selected Winners: until 19th April, 2024

Kick-off: During the first semester



Bondalti will provide rewards to the winning teams or individuals, including:

       i.    a financial incentive of 10.000€ and;

       ii.    the opportunity to collaborate directly with Bondalti R&D and production teams to bring your ideas to life;

       iii.    a possible collaboration contract with Bondalti.

The prize set by Bondalti of 10.000€, can be distributed among several Solvers if more than one winning solution is selected.

Minimum Requirements

  • Innovation: Creativity and originality of proposed digital solutions.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Impact: Potential to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve resource management.
  • Environmental Impact: Consideration of environmental benefits, like reduced energy consumption and waste reduction.
  • Feasibility: Practicality and implementation potential of proposed digital technologies.
  • Scalability: Ability to scale the solution across production facilities.
  • Solutions must be implementable within the existing infrastructure, comply with all regulatory standards, demonstrate measurable improvements, and should have the following TRL (Technology Readiness Level): 4 – 7.

Challenge Updates

Final Call to Innovators and Problem Solvers!

April 1, 2024, 10:39 a.m. PDT by Soraya Gadit

As we approach the final days of our challenge, we're reaching out to remind our incredibly talented community of solvers that there are only 4 days left to submit your groundbreaking solutions. This is your chance to make a significant impact and showcase your innovative ideas to the world.

Our challenge has been an exciting journey of creativity, innovation, and groundbreaking ideas. We've seen incredible potential in the submissions so far, but we believe there's still untapped genius out there. If you've been working on your solution or have an idea that could revolutionize the field, now is the time to bring it forward!

Why Submit?

  • Impact: Your solution has the potential to address critical needs and make a tangible difference.
  • Recognition: Stand out in a global community of innovators and thinkers.
  • Collaboration: Join a network of leaders, experts, and problem solvers.

What We're Looking For:

We're on the lookout for solutions that are not only innovative but also practical and scalable. Your submission should address the core challenges outlined in our guidelines, offering a clear, actionable plan for implementation.

How to Submit:

  1. Finalize your proposal, ensuring it meets all the challenge criteria.
  2. Visit the submission page: Submit Your Solution
  3. Follow the instructions to upload your solution before the deadline.

Deadline Reminder:

You have until [5th of April until 23:59 C.E.T] to submit your proposals. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of something truly transformative.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance with your submission, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Let's make these final days count! We're excited to see your innovative solutions and the positive impact they will have. Good luck, and let's innovate for a better tomorrow!

20 days until the Bondalti challenge deadline: Revolutionizing Process Efficiency and Effectiveness through Digital Technologies in Technologies in Chemical Production Processes

Feb. 27, 2024, 9:15 a.m. PST by Soraya Gadit

🚀 Challenge Reminder: Revolutionize Chemical Production with Bondalti! 🌱💡

Bondalti is calling innovators to redefine process efficiency and effectiveness through digital technologies in Chloralkali and Aniline production. This is your chance to make a significant impact, reduce operational costs, increase product output, and achieve sustainability and safety at new heights.

🔍 What’s the Challenge? Bondalti, a leader in the chemical industry, seeks groundbreaking digital solutions to boost the operational efficiency of Chloralkali and Aniline production processes. We ask you to propose innovative strategies - think automation, AI-driven controls, and resource optimization - that not only increase productivity and safety but also ensure environmental sustainability.

🌟 Why Participate?

  • Impact: Play a pivotal role in enhancing industry standards and sustainability.
  • Innovation: Bring your cutting-edge ideas to life alongside Bondalti's R&D and production teams.
  • Reward: Win a financial incentive of €10,000, and possibly more, along with a chance for a collaboration contract.

📅 Key Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: March 18, 2024

🏆 Prizes Include:

  • €10,000 financial incentive
  • Direct collaboration with Bondalti’s teams
  • A potential collaboration contract 

🔗 Check out the challenge video and submit your solution here.

🌍 Join us in this journey towards sustainable chemical production innovation. Whether you’re an expert in AI, automation, or digital optimization, your solution could lead to safer, more productive, and environmentally friendly production processes.

Urgent Call to Innovators and Digital Solution Architects: Your Expertise Needed for Groundbreaking Efficiency in Chemical Production!

Feb. 19, 2024, 11 a.m. PST by Soraya Gadit

As the deadline of March 18th, 2024, looms closer, we invite forward-thinking solvers to present their innovative solutions to revolutionize Bondalti's Chloralkali and Aniline production processes. This is your chance to contribute to enhancing process efficiency, operational costs, and product output while adhering to the highest standards of environmental impact, safety, and cybersecurity.

What We Seek: We're looking for groundbreaking digital technologies that promise dramatic improvements in operational effectiveness. Your solutions should leverage automation, AI-driven real-time monitoring, optimization, anticipation, or AI-driven process control. We encourage proposals that aim to minimize waste and resource consumption, boost maintenance operations, and enhance safety and productivity.

Why Participate? Apart from the opportunity to win a financial incentive of €10,000, selected winners will collaborate closely with Bondalti's R&D and production teams. This could lead to a direct collaboration contract, marking a significant leap in your professional journey and impact on the chemical industry.

Requirements: Your solutions should be innovative, environmentally sustainable, and practically implementable within Bondalti's existing infrastructure. We emphasize solutions with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4 – 7, ensuring they are mature enough for impactful application.

The Clock Is Ticking: With the submission deadline rapidly approaching, we urge you to finalize your proposals and seize this unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of chemical production. Let's work together to create safer, more productive, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Prepare your submissions now and be part of Bondalti's ambitious journey towards operational excellence. Don't miss this chance to make a significant difference in the industry and possibly secure a rewarding collaboration with a leading chemical producer.