Nitrites and nitrates replacement from meat processed products

Do you have a solution to reduce the nitrites and nitrates used as curing agents in processed meats?

Challenge Overview

This challenge seeks to identify a possible new chemical solution and/or a new process for substituting the nitrites and nitrates used as curing agents in the meat product and processes. Nitrites and nitrates are mainly added as a mineral. This challenge is seeking natural substitutes other than plant products that are rich in nitrates (e.g., celery or other green vegetables such as swiss chard).

Nitrate and nitrites have been used in the meat industry as a preservative gainst clostridium and other bacteria, and for specific organoleptic properties such as colour, odour, taste, aspect, etc. to improve the quality of processed meat products.

A solution to this challenge that eliminates nitrites and nitrates should not detract from the preservation of the meat or the quality of the meat (the organoleptic properties such as color, odour, taste, etc.). We are interested in both new chemical substances and new processes that can help achieve this aim.

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