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Sexual attraction based child birth does not ensure happy family; also select, a psycho-social culture harmonized relationship through App.
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Tradition manages sex- based relationships leading to marriage in contemporary culture.

A happyfamily is desirable for children and parents.

While economic well-being is important, emotional well-being lays the foundation for a happyfamily.

Before becoming parents, it is best for couples, placed as they are, to have their joint potential to create a happy home, filtered, optimized.

Potential for a long term working relationship between the couple is 'to be selected for'.

Initially, a variety of desirable surface specifications for the relationship are selected by individuals from the 'good-faith' data made voluntarily available by 'matching sites' candidates. (Step1).

So chosen, currently, in most cases after marriage the couple enter family life.

If their Step1 could be subordinated at the outset to optimization of their potential for a working relationship assessed through a protocol, (Step 2), that, would inform / enhance the Step1 selection process and thereby minimize the extent of suffering that parents and children may face in later family life.

Such 'reverse engineering' for a HappyFamily constitutes educating and subordinating natural impulsive Step1 to deliberative Step2.

In Step2, a short-list of  'optimized working relationship potential'  of the two together from the list of available candidacies, would be sought through a comprehensive mutual psychological harmonization protocol vetting Interests, Compatibility, Affinity, Cosmic Aspirations.

Once formulated, the protocol would be implemented and avilable through an App on a suitable platform.

When available and utilized in practice, the App would improve outcome of  the original impulsive 'let us get- together decision' that leads to family life.

Adult behavior is difficult to amend; in 'couple formation' avoidance of a bad choice is better than its cure.

Selecting a workable, optimized, choice is best.

Thus, on average, the limitations of couple 'get-together' arrivd impulsively matching surface variables available at matching sites, (Step 1), should be preceded / accompanied by Step 2.

Step2 enabling protocols would be culture-based.

e-harmony (1990s) initialized the approach for Western culture.

Though none is available for Hindu (a billion people) culture,  'Karmaharmonygrihasta' reserves a URL.

'Grihasta' is the dominant social component of the four-stage partitioning of Hindu life expectations.

Current Challenge: Create

1. A Happy Family Hindu Protocol, and then

2. A 'Happy Family Hindu Culture App' ; HFHCA


Prize money offered by me is $500; Crowdsourcing Prize money to $5000 is desirable.


Thank you.

Radh Achuthan