Detect Distracted Drivers

Reduce road accidents by detecting mobile phone use.
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Challenge Overview

Submit an innovative technology that detects illicit mobile phone use while operating a vehicle.

The main objective of this challenge is to reduce road accidents in Portugal by preventing distracted driving due to mobile phones through promoting self-awareness regarding road safety and simultaneously provide police with more effective management and detection of these distracted driving infractions. 

This challenge intended to find an innovative technological solution which contains a system to detect infractions associated to the continuous manual use of mobile phones by drivers during vehicle circulation, through a non-continuous and random mathematical measurements model, adapted to illicit conditions present in article 84th of the Portuguese Road Code (republished in Decreto-Lei no. 102-B/2020, Annex IV).

The solution shall also contain an electronic data communication system in connection with the competent road authorities, enabling them to be aware of the detected infractions and to identify the vehicles and location in which the occurrences were verified.

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