Reduce or even eliminate defects generated in digital instrument panels

Identify methodologies leading to the reduction of defects in the manufacturing process of a car digital instrument panels.
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Challenge Overview


Problem Statement

The main defects that arise during this process are the formation of air bubbles, delaminations, and the misalignments when mounting the glass over the bonding (silicon layer) and the display. These defects can originate from the raw materials (such as glass), the display, the bonding components, the material which is used on the rectangular delimitation (called DAM) or in the process of assembling the digital instrument panel. The Seeker is a worldwide known company that develops sensors, software, multimedia and digital instrument panels for cars, TVs, mobile phones, computers and more.

Pain Point

This phenomenon occurs in less than 5% of the total digital cluster produced in this company. Per day 7,000 digital clusters are produced.


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