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mAuditor -Safe and Sustainable human use of oceans
short description
mAuditor allows for audits and inspections for safety, environmental and quality be conducted on all commercial human use of the oceans
Mobile ocean app solution and impact
Oceans are a shared resource and human use of oceans such as shipping, offshore, fishing, recreational are governed by complex regulations between international and territorial bodies. Audits and inspections are typical methods of ensuring compliance and currently use traditional paper and electronic documents. mAuditor provides intelligent checklists that prioritizes based on past and industry trends, embed rules and guidance to assist the audit & inspection and creates an immersive experience with photos, videos and audio that can be used for evidence and education.

AI and Machine Learning assists and guides users to focus on high risks and impact.

The app is differentiated by
- its library of existing public checklist and be augmented by community.
- Marketplace that allows experts and buyers to participate globally.
- Linked with a mapping engine to visualize human assets through AIS Satellite data and linked to data products such a Port Information, trade routes, ocean water conditions.
- Each user can personalize for Expertise, Geography and availability
- Checklists are searchable on text and search tags
- Checklists are filtered for priority, areas to be inspected, people to interview
- Questions are linked for references that allows for standardized analytics
- Observations and deficiencies are available for report writing and collaboration for followup action and closure.
- The app can be used both online and offline that allows data capture in places without internet and syncs with the cloud server when internet is available.
- App is available on Google Playstore, Apple Store and soon on Widows Store
- AI/Machine learning assisting users

The tool can be used by Government and external bodies and self-inspections to share and analyze global issues and allow for safe and sustainable use of the oceans. Currently there is no cross-industry data collection and sharing.

Use cases
1. Communities along coastlines can be aware of how territorial waters are being used for economic use and ensure sustainability whether for commercial and even energy farms on the waters.

2. Industry champions can be identified and given stewardship as watchdog for responsible use by others

3. The findings available for education and awareness

The app is currently in beta use by Shipping managers and owners, third party inspectors and Experts. expected for commercial launch 1st Jan 2018.
Additional Technical Details
mAuditor Mobile App.pdf

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