This is a CRITICAL REMINDER - If your team is competing in the COTS or SRAD SOLID categories, please read the message below:


Beginning with this year's Spaceport America Cup (2021), COTS and SRAD SOLID category teams will be required to have a CERTIFIED FLYER OF RECORD onsite the view the launch and sign the flight card.  

  • Rockets in either category will be flying under Tripoli Safety Code and will require an appropriately certified high power member of one of the national rocketry associations.  
  • SRAD Solids must be Tripoli certified.  
  • COTS Solids can be either Tripoli or NAR certified.
  • If your team is flying on an M, N or O class impulse motor, you will need a L3 certified HPR person onsite with your team to be the Flyer of Record on the flight card.
  • If your team is flying on an L motor, you will need an L2.

ESRA Safety officials will be contacting the teams over the next month and will be confirming your team's status.  Certain international teams who cannot access a HPR association will be assisted by their ESRA Safety reviewer.  

NOTE - Canadian and Australian teams have access to many HPR certified rocketeers in their area.  If you have not already begun your search, you should do so immediately.