We’re preaching to the choir here, but it bears repeating: the NASA Space Poop Challenge didn’t just break HeroX records, but also broke records for the entire field of open innovation competitions. That’s right, folks, with more entries per day than some of the most famous prizes out there, Space Poop is the new standard for how to get sh*t done.

Before we get into the actual winners, it’s only proper that we give credit where credit is due. All of you, the Space Poop community, made this feat possible. All wackiness aside, you’re now part of history. Human space flight just took a small step (but a big leap) into the future, and your efforts in the Space Poop Challenge played an integral role. Congratulations!

Now, without further ado, the top award recipients:

$15,000 Prize

$10,000 Prize

$5,000 Prize

  • Hugo Shelley
  • SWIMSuit - Zero Gravity Underwear for 6 Day Use

While we were only able to award three prizes, there were many outstanding entries and NASA would also like to acknowledge the following semi-finalists (in no particular order):

Looking for more opportunities to be part of the crowdsourcing movement? Yeah, we figured.

Here are few challenges currently open for submission that should spark your interest:



Stay tuned for more Space Poop related announcements soon!