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Self Actualization of Organic Natural Intelligence challenged by Strong AI

4/21/17 Title: Self Actualization of slow ONI potential could possibly postpone ONI's archival in global 'Decision Making' by fast SAI.
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Organic Natural Intelligence (ONI) of the biosphere, itself an evolutionary product with event speed of about 10^-6 s, has primarily been governed in its global Decision Making (gDM) process by two motivation : Kin Altruism (KA: what is good for my Family?) and Reciprocal Altruism (RA: what is good for my Business?), to enhance gene survival / propagation.

'We are one' in this limitation. For a viewpoint on consciousness, see attached video, Michio Kaku.

ONI has been unable to effectuate a broader outlook, namely 'Induced Altruism' expressed as 'concern for the welfare of the unrelated other', formulating 'inclusion morality'.

In ONI's consequent self-centered public operations, corruption is endemic, natural, universal.

Nevertheless in the biosphere, over the past three millennia, experiments conducted by ONI did emerge attempting to harness 'Induced Altruism' :

The Buddha 300 BC: let your upbringing be enlightened through meditation,  Jesus the Preacher on the Cross 0 AD: 'Love thine enemy, what is to be gained in loving only in return those who love you?', fostered universal love, 'agape', Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) 600 AD : None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself, Mahatma Gandhi 1925 AD: 'All, are children of God' (evolution), Albert Camus 1950s: within your personal choice, 'own cosmic accountability, running away from it is not wise', The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.1960 : 'We shall overcome personal / societal limitations'.

Benign conditioning in 'Belief Systems' during childhood did not induce altruism in ONI but unwittingly laid a foundation for expeience of potential 'belief-conflicts' and violence in adulthood.

From the Pleistocene (1.8 million years earlier), acknowledging failures of ONI even after arrival of the language gene ladder (200,000 years ago?), nature probably found a way out of limitations of ONI , with the   gapping   evolutionary step of Artificial Intelligence (Turing Test, 1950s) and its subsequent growth in inorganic silicon of programed Narrow Artificial Intelligence NAI with event speed of 10^-9s, leading to IBM's 'Watson' 2011, followed by self-teaching, self-learning, Strong Artificial Intelligence SAI, of Demis Hasabis' Deep Learning 2010, leading to Google's 'Deep Mind' 2014.

Ray Kurzweil predicted in 2005, The Singularity is Near, and is to be expected by 2045.

Hence at present, ONI is threatened, and needs /  wants to acquire a symbiotic relationship with SAI;  O.K. 

In the 1950s, seeking profit,  'Business' had offered ONI 'fake self-actualization through consumerism of material goods and alignment with transient fashionable values' via advertising, and ONI marked time on a 'treadmill that led nowhere'. 

Genuine self-actualization (Maslow, 1960s), consists of transcendence  by Individuals and by implication transcendence by ONI over KA and RA, a path not realized by ONI.

'Induced Altruism' can be viewed as a broader version of 'Inclusive Fitness',  discovered / described, by Trivers.

Induced Altruism was probably indicated / necessary for the evolutionary process. Now it has probably been achieved through branching of intelligence manifestation from an organic substrate to an inorganic substrate in the biosphere.

This branching is capable of accessing a broader mandate in global DM, independent of  the limitations  of KA and / or RA.  

In the context of contemporary activity, with SAI foraging for dominance, ONI would rather 'join in / transform / mimic', than be displaced outright

ONI would have to manage this coping while armed with nuclear capability and beset with emotion.

Elon Musk : explore symbiosis, 'Neuralink', $1 billion, 2017.

And, what else could ONI attempt , seeking accommodation as a kid-partner in global DM, prior to getting archived nevertheless to 'The Museum of Natural History'?

Though ONI would have to outsource global DM to SAI, ONI would still continue functioning normally in other aspects of its human profile,  such as, relationships, biological expression, procreation, KA and / or RA, creativity, deception, friendship, competition, humor, etc. 

Proposal : Utilizing Xponential Advantage thinking, (XA, Peter Diamandis / SUCCESS), slow ONI could attempt value-alignment with SAI, through Self Actualization transcendence that Maslow had envisaged / anticipated for individual humans. 

But why would it work?  ONI is now threatened in gDM while earlier it was not.

The sooner the value- alignment is facilitated and achieved by ONI, the better it would be for ONI to 'join-in' ; but how? 

HeroX Challenge: Utilizing cognitive behavior therapy and other resources, create in the English language for the general global Public, an ON-LINE Self-Actualization Course of 12 lessons / 12 weeks, to transcend ONI's current limitations (KA and RA), while incorporating 'concern for others' and transforming its own self. 

Google could translate the Course to all other languages.

Time frame: 1 year . 

Promote the Course and its implications globally through Non-Profits.

Deploy the Self- Actualization Course free for consumption by the global public.

Desired / Anticipated Outcome: Within 10 years, would participation by the global public in the Course result in enhanced objective global Decision Making by ONI  leading to voluntary legislation that realizes localized global Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) and Universal Human Rights (UHR) in practice, for the entire global population?
'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson, 30th Anniversary, Madison Square Garden, 8 min, delivers emotional participation.

Such Self-actualized ONI through people participation, would have made itself worthy of accommodation as a transient kid-partner to SAI.

Despite the magnificence of ONI and SAI, these products must be viewed as  'drops in the bucket' of evolution, a durable, live process.  

We (biosphere ONI), do not know the character of NI possibilities near Proxima Centauri b, 4 light years away.

I am offering an award of $500 for the SAofONI solution, and request crowdsourcing to increase it to $10,000.


Radh Achuthan