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Raising the Bar on Healthcare

A video challenge to share how Redirect Health raised the bar on healthcare and led to lowered costs for you and your family.

This challenge is closed


This challenge is closed

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Video Challenge instructions in Spanish 

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Hello, and thank you for participating in the Raising the Bar on Healthcare campaign. 


Here's how the contest works:


Step 1: Think of an experience you had at Redirect Health that raised the bar on how healthcare could be by saving you time, saving you money, or eliminating hassle. 


Step 2: Use your smart phone to video your 30 second to 3 minute story about how someone at Redirect Health helped make healthcare super affordable and easy.  Don't worry about it being perfect. Just be you. 


Step 3: Email that video to The Redirect Health Team will turn your video into a You Tube Link and send your new link to you. 


Step 4: Sign up for the Hero X Challenge by clicking the Start Here button in orange below. Enter your first and last name, location, and email. 


Step 5: When you receive your new You Tube Link from us, click on the Submit Entry Box. (the same place as Getting Started Button. You will paste the link in the last line of the forum that says video submission).


Step 6: After submitting the video you will be qualified to win $1,000. Share the new You Tube Link with all your friends and family, because the winner will be picked from the top 5 viewed videos and that could be you. 



Here is the fine print: 


1. You must be an active Redirect Health member to participate. 

2. There is no limit on the number of videos a family or individual can submit. There is no limit to the number of times you can win. 

3. See the dates below for submission and announcement of the winner. 

4. Acknowledge that your video is public and can be viewed by anyone. 

5. Give permission to Redirect Health to use your video for promotional purposes.

6. Acknowledge that you agree to these contest rules.


Thank you and good luck!


For an example of a challenge video please see below: