Identify those Interested in Selling & Buying Properties

Can you identify individuals or companies interested in selling and buying residential properties in Portugal?
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Challenge Overview

The Seeker is looking for an innovative technological solution to gather relevant information from a variety of sources and extract information to facilitate the identification of individuals and companies who are considering buying or selling residential real estate (houses, apartments or lands) in Portugal. 

Potential data sources could include:

  • Public data relating to family changes of individuals;
  • Other public data: Land register (changes in the register of properties/buildings); Municipal Chambers (Municipal Construction or Rehabilitation Licenses, User Licenses);
  • Suppliers of electricity, water, and other services to properties, such as telecommunications (NOS, Vodafone, etc.), may give indications of behavioral changes, for example, cancelation of water and light supplies, indicating a vacant property;
  • Digital behaviors of individuals or companies, respecting the GDPR;
  • Factors that positively influence the decision to buy and sell properties in Portugal in individuals or businesses.

All proposed solutions must be GDPR compliant.


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