Barry Hieb
April 6, 2017
4:08 p.m. PDT

Announcement timings

On the web site the timeline entries going forward all are listed as
month/date, xx:xx MST. Should we interpret this as Mountain Daylight Savings Time or did you really mean Mountain Standard Time?
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Barb Sivek moderator
April 7, 2017
4:28 p.m. PDT
@Barry Hieb
I am working with HeroX to get the timeline "time stamps" modified to be more clear. I will let you know when the timeline is corrected. Thanks for asking the question.

Barb Sivek moderator
April 10, 2017
10:28 a.m. PDT
@Barry Hieb
Hello Barry - the timeline has been adjusted with new time stamps. The times shown should be in accordance with whatever time zone you registered in. So for example, if you are in the Mountain Zone - it will show the time stamp for your current zone timing. Hope that helps.

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