The CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Challenge has completed the Final Innovation Round. We would like to thank all the competitors from around the world who submitted a proposal.  The submissions showcased cutting-edge solutions. The dedication to addressing the lack of a national patient identification solution demonstrated by the submissions proves that there are many worthwhile ideas and the potential solution for error-proof patient identification becomes closer to a reality every day. Our judging panel was impressed by the quality of the solutions developed to solve an issue that has plagued healthcare for decades.  

Today, we announce and congratulate the finalists that will proceed to the Prototype Testing Round of the Challenge.  The Finalists of the Challenge are as follows:

  • Michael Braithwaite’s proposal achieves patient identification through the use of multiple biometric technologies.
  • Bon Sy’s proposed solution identifies patients by analyzing a combination of behavioral and biometric information.
  • Team HarmonIQ Health System's proposed solution uses blockchain, public ledger, FHIR and encryption/hashing technologies to identify patients.
  • Team RightPatient's innovation uses photos, biometric third-party and other data, to enable patient identification.

The ingenuity and originality of all the proposed solutions for the CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Challenge were impressive. The top four finalists, however, exhibited an extraordinary level of innovation, adoptability and implementation in creating a viable solution to solve this critical patient safety issue.

The finalists will now enter the Prototype Testing Round of the competition which is expected to last for several months.  The goal is to announce a final winner in November of 2017.

We also congratulate the following two additional innovators that our panel of judges identified as semi-finalists in the Challenge. These semi-finalists submitted well-developed submissions, but were not selected to advance to the next phase of the competition.

Congratulations again to the finalists who are advancing into the Prototype Testing Round of the Challenge! We would also like to thank the semi-finalists and all of those who submitted proposals. We hope you continue to monitor the outcome of the Challenge as we continue on the path toward awarding the $1 million prize to the solution that best meets the CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Challenge criteria.