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Help us innovate on the top three COVID challenges we have identified across our 25 country offices!
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An international development organization that works in nearly 40 countries around the world, Pact works to improve the lives of those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization. We strive for a world where everyone owns their future. Throughout the course of history, the world has experienced a wide array of disasters that have affected millions around the world. However, the rate at which the COVID-19 pandemic has the ability to affect people who are already challenged by poverty and marginalization around the world is devastating. Many citizens of less developed countries do not have access to or the ability to implement some basic prevention techniques such as self isolation and hand-washing. Additionally, people who live on a small daily income often lack access to real-time information necessary to address the pandemic nor do they have the financial ability to weather the economic impacts of COVID-19.

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Introducing Pact's Challenge:

Pact spent a month unpacking the most profound COVID-related challenges for the communities where we work. The three resulting challenge statements reflect the top challenges as voted on by nearly 200 Pact staff. This challenge runs until August 6, 2020, and consists of three tracks that participants can choose from. There will be four solutions chosen at the end of the period: One from each track selected by Pact evaluators and one overall selected by the public for a "People's Choice" winner. To express our gratitude to participants, Pact will showcase the winners in an interview with our President and CEO. The interview will be live for Pact’s global staff and will also be available via Facebook Live, podcast and as a blog on our website. Additionally, winners will receive recognition on our social media channels and in our quarterly external newsletter. 

Three Primary Challenges:

How Can I Participate? 

  • Click "Accept Challenge" above to register for the challenge
  • Check out our three main challenges and choose one
  • Form a team with your friends, the online community here or go it alone
  • Please note which challenge your idea is in response to when submitting

Quick Reference Links:

Challenge timeline here. 


Start a post in our Forum to ask a question, find a team, or connect with other innovators.

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Covid store
"covid store" the store is also work as Clinique and a essential product store.this is designed for the isolated community.
by Suraj T.R
Sanitizer pills
Pills or pellets filled with hand sanitizer solution which people, kids, doctors, staff & patients can stock up in their pocket & use.
by Aadhithya .
Test rápido Acción - Reacción
test rápido ver morder un limón sino te da esa senzacion y esa acción de aumento de saliva tienes Covid
by Ariel Alonso
A pyramidal method to increase digital engagement
This solution highlights three different ways in a pyramid style that help individuals in underdeveloped regions connect digitally.
by Stella Chen
Using blockchain and mobile apps to prepare the community prepardness
by Edima Udo
project W1
An ambivalent system for the space station or lunar station which uses the venturi effect to suck stool and urine.
A mask with all the facilities
My is kind of gas mask but the facilities are different so my mask contains all the facilities which should be used covid-19 virus..
by rushika devi
save from diseases and COVID
“We are all one and we should all help each other, if we are able to help him.
Risk color code > when to wear mask & face shields
Dark Red= face shield (R) & mask (M) Red= mask (M) Orange= mask or face shield (1 M) Yellow=face shield or mask M=Mandatory R=Recomend
by up-cycle soda bottles > face-shields 4 3rd world
COVID-19 Boosts World's Society, Deletes Economics
People can extend the cooperation shown in COVID-19 into a peaceful world where everyone treats each other as they would treat themselves.
by Rodney Bartlett
Spray Clean
Aerosol spray changes color when detect COVID-19 air or surfaces Spray is white turns Red when virus is detected safe for all human animal
by john provenzano
Eleutherios is a global cooperative forum, where people or businesses can serve one another, through the same customer forum or request.
by Rob Kara
Immune is a Smartphone app supports the immune system by maintaining vitamin levels within the normal range
by Fatima Albousta
health protection device for all
this is an active and smart solution for response to respiratory daisies in epidemic/pandemic condition anywhere
by Amir.s.m
A app that stores and inputs data of pub patrons entering venues
by John Fennelly
The Safe Seat
The Safe Seat is a collapsible, mobile desk with a self-cleaning, plexiglass partition so you don't have to wear a mask.
by Hannah Strong
Personal Phone App Temperature Verify System
An app system that accompanies a temperature reader that would allow the user to check their temperature to allow entry into a building.
by Michael Stewart
Disinfecting Doorknob
The doorknob uses a built-in gyroscope to detect when it's been used and spray itself down with a disinfecting agent.
by Braden Levick's team
A Life time Re Usable Mask with UV sterilizer
Perfect for people need to work who cannot afford Lockdowns and must go out side. Ensuring Guaranteed Security for Margenalized community.
by Ziaullah Khan
New findings
I found one of the causes of cough in this disease and influenza and the solution
by Abdolali Emadi
Fighting hunger with social inclusion
Mobilizing farmers and processors with consumer’s participation in value addition to local foods for sustainable development
Magic wrapper did infecting packages
Think about supply chain and to wrap all the goods in a bubble wrapper pre filled with dis infecting gel prevents spread of virus.
by Ziaullah Khan
Smart Wallet Disinfecting Bank Notes
A smart wallet that dis infects bank notes when exchanging without touch of hand.
by Ziaullah Khan
UV germs Scanner & virus disinfect in Smart Phone
A Ultra Violet Rates installed in a smart phone which scan and did infect any surface like hands face etc
by Ziaullah Khan
Social Distance Tags
Employee Tags with Sensor that creates alerts when two employees exceed the limited distance. store & tracks record if some one found sick
by Ziaullah Khan
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