Needle in a Haystack - M+A Matchmaking Automation Challenge

Propose a solution to identify the potential investors that will find the most value in an entrepreneur owner-managed business.

Challenge Overview

Who: Bigelow

Since 1935, Bigelow has been helping entrepreneur owner-managers (EOMs) of highly successful, privately-held companies achieve their professional and personal goals by capturing the value of their business through a sale or merger. For those who have made the personal and professional sacrifice to build a business worth $50 million or more, it is vital to find the best fit investor who perceives the highest value for the business.  Finding that perfect buyer/investor can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack! While making this match is Bigelow’s specialty, we are always striving to innovate new approaches for the benefit of our clients. 


What: M+A for EOM Businesses Over $50mm in Enterprise Value

Finding the ideal investor in an EOM business is a particular challenge because the private M+A market is highly inefficient and operates worldwide, with one or two potential investors often perceiving a great deal more value for the same company than all other buyers. Success is dependent on creating an optimal market that identifies buyers that find uniquely high value in the company being sold. 

Currently, Bigelow’s matchmaking process involves gaining a deep understanding of the business and utilizes a research “Kaizen” to collect relevant data about potential offerors to develop a pool of potential buyers and investors. While we have had great success with this model, the process is not exhaustive, and potential exists for new innovations.


Why: EOMs Give Back in Great Ways

We believe EOMs are the most powerful Pro-Economic and Pro-Social Force on the Planet – the world’s greatest drivers of progress and prosperity. Our clients go on to do incredible work with the wealth they created, starting philanthropic foundations and not-for-profits, investing in their local communities and businesses, and actively mentoring other EOMs, ensuring the continued effect/perpetuation of this powerful force.   


This Challenge: M+A Matchmaking Automation

Through this challenge, we are seeking your ideas about how to combine available data warehouses, historical data, algorithms, machine learning, and other novel approaches to create a replicable tool for identifying potential buyers that may find unique value in a given company.


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