NBC Innovation Challenge Image Design

Capture the spirit of creativity and innovation and create an image for NBC Entertainment’s employee competition.

Challenge Overview

This graphic design challenge is all about visually capturing the essence of big ideas, innovation and creativity to help represent an upcoming competition sponsored by NBC Entertainment on the HeroX.com platform.

NBC is running an internal competition to identify their most forward-thinking, imaginative, and fearlessly individual employees. NBC has a rich history around its chromatic peacock logo, as well as many contemporary manifestations of the rainbow theme, which represents the historic breakthrough of color television. Let the spectral color scheme and peacock act as context for inspiration, but not a hard guideline by any means. As such, participants are encouraged to take full artistic license and originality will score big points! You do not need to be affiliated with NBC to participate.


  • Target audience: NBC Entertainment employees, and more specifically, The graphic should vibe with “disruptive,” rabble-rousing personality types.
  • What we're trying to communicate: Our audience is the workforce of NBC Entertainment. The challenge this image will be used for is asking them to show their passion and individuality, to go beyond their day job role. Essentially, the challenge is asking what makes them who they are -- specifically their more creative and innovative traits. 
  • Brand recognition: NBC peacock logo is available for use in this image and could be helpful for immediate recognition. It is not required to use or modify the peacock or any other NBC official logos.
  • Text Placeholder: Option to show us where a title for the competition might go using the placeholder text “NBC Innovation Challenge”. This is not required.
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