Solvers –

The Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge 2 (GFC2) is prepared to provide an Academic Award in the amount of $7,500 for the best score during the entire Challenge by an academic lone Solver or all-academic Team, who does not place in the overall 1st to 5th places. An all-academic team must be comprised of any combination of high school, undergrads, grad students, or post docs and may include one faculty advisor to also participate in their capacity for any given team. Please note that certification requirements (i.e., transcript, certified letter) from your current institution must be submitted in order to claim the Academic Award prize. For a complete set of rules and eligibility guidelines, refer to the Challenge Rules Document ( on the HeroX platform.

Please send an email to by Friday, December 13th if you are an academic lone Solver or an all-academic Team so that we can note your eligibility for the Academic Award, should you meet all of the prize requirements.

Thank you,
GF Challenge 2 Team