The Challenge launch is finally here! IFPs and data start flowing at 2pm ET, and it's time to begin submitting forecasts.

Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge 2 encourages novel approaches that embrace non-traditional methods and harnesses the collective community, while offering Solvers the chance to win a share of $250,000 in prize money. 

  • Submit forecasts from up to 40 different method slots. This gives you the opportunity to submit 40 forecasts for each individual forecasting problems (IFP) — but, each method should have a consistent and describable methodology behind it which you maintain throughout the Challenge.
  • Check your API regularly for newly released IFPs and additional updates. New IFPs will typically be released on Wednesdays between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM ET, but clarifications and IFP resolutions could occur at any time – so checking the API more frequently is recommended.
  • Review sample IFPs before the Challenge. We’ve posted sample IFPs for Solvers. These are some of the anticipated IFPs that will be released in the challenge. These forecasting question templates may help you get a head start.
  • Set up a push API to get notifications of new data. If you are set up to receive HTTP POST notifications, then instructions for how to set up an API POST hook are available on the Cultivate Labs platform in the API documentation under “push APIs”. If you have a web server, you can be notified automatically when new IFPs are posted or updated.

The GF Challenge 2 Team