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We are a student application development platform targeted at students & teens that promotes STEM concepts and skills without requiring code
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How will your app make an impact?
BloxMob is an app building and teaching platform designed for students & organizations who work with teens. No code is required, and anyone can build, use, and share their app in less than an hour while being compatible with iOS and Android devices.
We allow students to build custom mobile apps for diverse needs with easy to use customizable "Blox". The power of BloxMob comes from its user-friendly interface and student friendly design that encourages creativity and problem solving. BloxMob is a powerful tool that educators can implement in schools across the Austin area that provides a great introduction to the STEM field and stimulates interest in STEM classes and careers. The demand for more technologically focused education continues to grow alongside the rising demand for STEM majors and professionals. BloxMob inspires more students to pursue science and technology by giving them the tools to create an app they want to see made, without drowning them in complicated coding and programming language. The desire to learn about technology and programming is often extinguished if a student is immediately exposed to the complexities of coding. Before students can run they must learn how to walk, which is where BloxMob becomes so valuable. BloxMob increases student interest and engagement with STEM concepts and encourage further exploration and initiative. With a stronger foundation of knowledge students will have greater confidence to pursue the more complicated topics of programming, and remain focused and empowered by their envisioned end goals.
Why is your app next-generation?
BloxMob uses innovative software that allows students to quickly build from our cloud platform and share their app nearly instantaneously with their friends. The BloxMob online builder platform takes advantage of faster internet connections for improved user experiences and faster app construction, all of which leverages low latency connections as apps are both built and used. This allows more complexity, greater functionality, and more interesting apps that will be more actively used. The next wave of technology is all about empowerment. We are empowering the next generation of citizen developers to leverage public API’s, GPS, and push notifications systems to build innovative apps of all types – including those that tackle issues in healthcare, transportation, education, clean energy, and public safety.
Tell us about your superhero team.
BloxMob has a diverse team of engineers and entrepreneurs led by Nico Gonzales, Ashley Toops, and Andrew Rubiano. BloxMob is led by cofounder Colin Buechler, former CEO of Lifesize, who is a proven business builder across operating, investing, and advising. Cofounder Sean Bauld is the former Global Head of Marketing at Reuters and has been a leader at multiple digital media and information startups. BloxMob has already deployed the platform and begun developing education support tools. We have partnered with as well as other organizational partners. Thousands of teens have already built mobile apps on BloxMob. We pride ourselves on working with partners like Maker Faire, UT Girls in Engineering Day, the Girl Scouts of America and many others. We look forward to building additional strong relationships as we continue to grow and support the ideas and imaginations of kids as they build meaningful apps for themselves and the community.
Accessibility and Inclusion
BloxMob is an extremely accessible program that can be launched on any computer with an internet connection. Underserved populations have complete access to BloxMob, since anyone can open an account from wherever they are. By offering a unique service and competitive pricing, we have the opportunity to take full advantage of this strategy and become a staple in the education market. We have worked hard to keep our pricing low, but recognize it is not always affordable so we continue to seek grants, sponsors and partners to offer services to more. The BloxMob builder is accessible through any browser, so individuals without a computer at home can use any public computer, such as at a library, to access their account and build their desired app, and learn more about programming concepts.
If your team wins, what will the prize money be used for?
The prize money will go toward subscriptions for AISD students and classrooms as well as curriculum development and expanding features. We want to develop a concise and comprehensive curriculum that is easy easily implementable, including activities, lesson plans, and friendly competitions that can be adopted or adapted by educators. The funds will also go toward further development of new Blox that users have recommended and requested, as well as continue to improve the user experience of our product.
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