Medical Blockchain Pro
short description
Medical Blockchain Pro is a decentralized application protecting data while giving patients ownership of his/her digital medical assets.
Which focus area(s) does this proposed app address?
How will your app make an impact?
It will help everyone in the world---young, old, rich, or poor. People will be able to own there medical data, and retrieve it through cryptographic hashes from the Medical blockchain.
Why is your app next-generation?
You can't walk into any doctors office, and have your entire medical history available at the palm of your hands. By using the Medical Blockchain, it will potentially save millions of lives. We also got some recognition from the 2017 ATX Hack for Change for our "forward thinking concept". Using Inter planetary file system we will able to cut bandwidth store photos, files, and videos in the blockchain.
Tell us about your superhero team.
Sonia Tovar and I founded our own student organization at Austin Community College: Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). We have started many projects and have accumulated a following of students. Through these extra curricular activities, we met professionals in many industries, and became aware of the innovative technology since the creation of the internet, Blockchain. That was when we decide to do the annual ATX Hack for Change put on by St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. Our third member is Erick Galicia: a student and cousin who just graduated from Dripping Spring High School. Erik is very smart helping me structure my ideas. Sonia is great with introductory HTML & CSS, C++, and Python. Sonia put our power point presentation together while I found the open source software from GitHub. I am currently downloading the Ethereum blockchain, and have already download ipfs protocol. I get most of my knowledge from books, articles, and professionals in the industry.
Accessibility and Inclusion
The blockchain is cost efficient because it uses the computers on the network to store data. This also adds security because all the computers on the network check each others proof of work. Medical Block Pro is an application that includes kids, adults, and the elderly. Patients from all walks of life would benefit from such an application. Even more importantly, patients would have ownership of their own personal health data.
If your team wins, what will the prize money be used for?
If we were to win the money, would be able to use it to pay for the of our college. We are all students, and want to continue with higher education, which is our ultimate goal.
Optional: Please share any relevant documents about your app concept.

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