Fluid Genius X Challenge®

Fluid Genius X Challenge®

Identify a recurring problem that plagues your industry and could be solved using a combination of fluid system components. Read Overview...

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Thank you so much for your participation in the Fluid Genius Challenge! The challenge is closed to further entries.


Create the manufacturing infrastructure of the future

The world needs more Macgyvers like you. You have an extraordinary knack for identifying problems and creating improvements.

We need your ingenuity to identify a recurring problem in a critical gas or liquid process and develop a solution to that problem using an assembly of fluid system components. Examples of fluid system components are stainless steel items like valves, tubing, filters, regulators, fittings, etc. that work on tubing 2" or smaller in diameter.

The challenge is ideal for someone in engineering, operations, or maintenance. The industry could be aerospace, chemical/petrochemical, food processing, life sciences, oil and gas, power, semiconductor, ship building, alternative energy or any other industry with a critical gas or liquid application.


How do I get started?

First, head over to the Nagging Fluid System Challenge to tell us about the problem you have identified. Then, come back here to submit your solution.

In the meantime click "ACCEPT CHALLENGE" above to register for the challenge and check out the Guidelines for complete details.


What are fluid systems? Fluid systems heat, cool, pressurize, purify, produce energy, or in some other way manage a liquid or gas using fluidic components such as (but not limited to) valves, tubing, filters, regulators, and fittings.


This challenge is of interest to an international manufacturer and distributor of industrial-grade, stainless steel fluid system components.

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