Petr Hovorka

How should it looked like?

Please present any sample...

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GP Investments
Hi Petr,

We are open to the output being in any format (Word, PPT, Excel) as long as all the information requested is represented.

As a sample here follows a possible outline for an output on power point:
- objective
- brief description of the sources and process you used to capture the information
- Overview of sub-segments (summary of your research, i.e. chart of proposed sub-segments, with their application, growth etc...)
- Overview of targets (summary of best possible targets listed in order from best to worst, i.e. their revenue, EBITDA, location, ownership, and reason for recommendation)
- individual analysis of each sub-segment (listed in overview sub-segment slide)
- overview of sub-segemnt (description, application, etc...)
- outlook of sub-segment (growth)
- key players in the sub-segment
- proposed targets for sub-segment
- repeat for all sub-segments
- appendix (any additional information you found that you think would be helpful)
Petr Hovorka
Thanks , but how can you get info about EBITDA and revenue from companies located in CANADA, USA, Germany, Austria. Is there any helpfull website for companies worldwide?
GP Investments
Hi Petr,

There is no need to have detailed financial information for all the potentially attractive companies you identify.
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