GP Investments

Help us find and transform industrial companies in Europe into global leaders

Help us find and transform industrial companies in Europe into global leaders

We are a private equity company interested in learning more about the industrials sector in Europe with a goal of finding deal targets.

Challenge Overview

GP Investments is a listed company with permanent and patient capital with industrial approach focusing on accelerating value creation through direct investments and private equity fund management.

GP’s way of creating value is having a long-term responsible approach to ownership. GP invests in good companies in order to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership through active management.

Business Context:

We are a private equity company interested mapping the most attractive industrial companies in Europe and turn them into global leaders! 

Business Need:

We are looking for sub-segments within the industrials sector that provide a cheap, essential and complex part to a final product. Below follows a more detailed explanation: 

  • Highly complex product / service (many SKUs, high technical content)
  • Product / service represents a crucial piece of the value chain
  • Represents only a small fraction of the cost of production

First, determine the most attractive sub-industries and then in each of them find the leading companies (independent of size) as well as potential target companies with at least $100 million of sales.


Prepare a list (PPT or Word) of the sub-sectors and explain the following for each one: 

  • Final industry/industries it serves
  • How does it fit in the value chain of the final product 
  • Characteristics that make this sub-industry attractive 
  • Leading companies and a few potential targets in this sub-industry 

-        Brief assessment of the most attractive target companies identified in the multiple sub-industries

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