The Lunar Initiatives Art Hacks the Moon Competition

Calling all writers and 2D artists! Submit your lunar artwork in the Art Hacks the Moon Flash Art competition Read Overview...

We've added an art competition to our Hack the Moon hackathon!!  This competition will start the morning of October 9, 2015 and end on October 11, 2015.  It will be over before you know it, so act quickly to participate in the Art Hacks the Moon contest!

The Problem

Before a problem can be solved it must be imagined. Art leads science and technology; our art competitions and promotions will dare artists to dream the impossible so we can create it.

Our Hack the Moon hackathon is this weekend - October 9 through October 11.  You can find out more at www.hackthemoon.com. We have over 300 people coming to this hackathon and decided to add an art competition to our hackathon.Our goal is to encourage interest and creative participation in lunar and space exploration...the more the merrier!

The Challenge Breakthrough

Draw attention to the field of lunar and space exploration through the  weekend art challenge:  Art Hacks the Moon.

How to Win the Challenge

Submit your original writing or 2D  graphic art entry focusing on space exploration in the Lunar Initiatives Art Hacks the Moon Competition.


This two day flash art competition will start on Friday, October 9, 2015 at 8 AM PST and end at 8 AM PST on October 11, 2015. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, October 11 at 4 PM PST.  Prizes will be awarded for both in person and online entries. 

Make a Difference

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  • Click "Submit Entry" above to register for the challenge. You will be notified of any status updates and be able to create an entry to the challenge when it opens.
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Additional rules:

Who can participate:
The Challenge is open to anyone.  To be eligible to compete, you must comply with all the terms of the Challenge as defined in the Challenge-Specific Agreement. Individuals under 18 years of age must enclose an agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Contest guidelines:

Multiple Entries 
Artists may submit multiple entries in one or both artwork categories, but each item must be submitted separately with a complete set of entry information included.

Electronic Submission
Artists must submit all artwork electronically;even visual art is entered as a digital image (such as a photograph) of the original artwork. Please make sure that an artist’s name is NOT visible on the electronic version of the submitted art but IS clearly stated on the entry form as all entries go through a blind review process.

Artwork can be disqualified for many reasons, including falsifying information on the submission form, plagiarism or the use of copyrighted material without permission.
If an artwork is disqualified, the artist will receive notification regarding his/her disqualification.

Art categories:

There are two art categories in the Lunar Initiatives Art Hacks the Moon Competition:  2D Visual Art and Literary Art.

2D Visual Art includes paintings or drawings made from watercolors, oils, pencil, inks, charcoal, mixed media, Photoshop, astro-photography, etc. Literary art categories  includes poetry, short stories (fiction), consisting of 2500 words or less, and essays (non-fiction) of 1000 words or less.

Selection of Winner:

Judging criteria include:  Creativity, Artistic Message, Skill,  and Aesthetics.

Judging will occur at 3 PM PST and winners will be announced at 4 PM PST on October 11, 2015.

 In case of a tie, the winner will be selected at the discretion of the Judging Panel.

Registration and Submissions:

All submissions must be registered by 8 AM PST on October 11, 2015 to be eligible for the prize. No registrations or submissions will be accepted after this time. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

All submissions must be received online, via the Challenge website. All uploads must be in PNG, JPEG, or PDF format.

Submission reporting requirements and suggestions are listed in the FAQ area and all entries must include a fully completed Submission Form and a Challenge-Specific Agreement.

Challenge Guidelines are subject to change. Registered competitors will receive notification when changes are made, however, we highly encourage you to visit the Challenge Site often to review updates.

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