UAV, 360 GPS Cameras, & AI to improve ALTAs
short description
Using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), 360 cameras, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) we will increase the efficiency of an ALTA.
Elevator Pitch: how does your solution aim to automate land surveys? (public)
Create orthomosaic photo of a property from a UAVs and 360 cameras then process the photos using AI to recognize features on the photo which leads to a decrease field collection time and drafting time which saves time and money but still being in the field to comply with the local laws.
Please introduce yourself and, if applicable, your team members to the Land Survey Automation community (public)
We are surveyors which a passion for technology in Surveying and GIS. We have a background in computer programming and developing technology tools to better our careers.
Define your areas of expertise and, if applicable, that of your team members (public)
Computer Programming, Using UAVs in Surveying, Remote Pilot, AutoCAD, Carlson, AI
Would you be willing to merge with another team? (public)
Would you welcome another individual on your team? (public)
If you were to welcome a new team member, what would be the desired area of expertise? (public)
Deep learning AI programming. Photo stitching algorithms programming.
Anything else you'd like to share with the AiLTA community? (public)
We are proposing a integrating current technologies into a solution to reduce time spend in the field and on drafting during an ALTA survey. This solution would still observe the current standards by requiring a license surveyor to "walk the lines" and perform an full boundary analysis of the parcel.

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