Simple change of similar existing technology
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The surveying field has experienced tremendous technological advancements in most areas. It is those areas that haven't that hold it back.
Elevator Pitch: how does your solution aim to automate land surveys? (public)
Our solution will utilize the most modern technological advancements in the surveying field while enhancing specific areas that have not seen changes for decades, which will streamline the entire surveying process and provide an immediate product to all interested parties.
Please introduce yourself and, if applicable, your team members to the Land Survey Automation community (public)
I am a small business owner with great ideas. I enjoy strategizing and cracking on problems to find simple solutions. My son is an RPLS and aids me in seeing the bigger picture and smaller problems.
Define your areas of expertise and, if applicable, that of your team members (public)
I have 20 years experience assisting various employers find solutions to personnel problems.
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If you were to welcome a new team member, what would be the desired area of expertise? (public)
prototype and software development
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