Spider & Wikiland
short description
Fast moving crawler bots for surveying based on way points setup from the GPS of a smartphone, Wikiland is a collection of property info.
Elevator Pitch: how does your solution aim to automate land surveys? (public)
Fast moving crawler bots for surveying based on waypoints setup from the GPS of a smartphone, crawlers update measured data to the spider.
Just like crawlers crawl the web and use spider and sitemaps to fetch each webpage on earth to index a site.
Please introduce yourself and, if applicable, your team members to the Land Survey Automation community (public)
I am an innovator who has won 33 grand innovation challenges in different sectors, I work as a research and data analyst for Jones Lang LaSalle which is world no 2 in real estate sector.
Define your areas of expertise and, if applicable, that of your team members (public)
Innovation, research, product development, mechanical engineer, data analysis.
Would you be willing to merge with another team? (public)
Would you welcome another individual on your team? (public)
If you were to welcome a new team member, what would be the desired area of expertise? (public)
Electronics and programability skills.
Anything else you'd like to share with the AiLTA community? (public)
At anypoint of the challenge, I would invite brilliant minds from across the globe to join me in making AiLTA land survey better with their expertise and any help in creating a successfully prototype.

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