Mobile Smart Standalone Survey Remote Jetpack
short description
land survey with
mobile smart standalone survey remote center mini jetpack with a unique validation protocol & multi sensors integration
Elevator Pitch: how does your solution aim to automate land surveys? (public)
solution is aerial image with 3D data compound solution.
It means when we take aerial images we add extra amount of data to it for effecieny,speed and cheapness .
These extra data are local time ,elevation & angle of photography,heading distance with another object from same place.
Please introduce yourself and, if applicable, your team members to the Land Survey Automation community (public)
I am a technical designer and maker of so many kind of mechanical , software controlled machines. Expert in numerical control projects.
I am a mechatronics guy.
Define your areas of expertise and, if applicable, that of your team members (public)
30 years programming & 15 years mechanical & electronic high accuracy movement control experince
Would you be willing to merge with another team? (public)
Would you welcome another individual on your team? (public)
If you were to welcome a new team member, what would be the desired area of expertise? (public)
Let's work together to make a stronger team.people must focus on it's effecieny to make best.
Anything else you'd like to share with the AiLTA community? (public)
All the people's do commonly tasks but genius will do different the rest.this make them unique. So if you are diifrent & if you see any thing differently please let make different team.

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