Coded Symbol & Virtual Reality 4 survey automation
short description
The goal of the solution is creating a method for land surveying by approaching the virtual reality tech and the effective of coded symbol
Elevator Pitch: how does your solution aim to automate land surveys? (public)
The solution creates the installation for digitizing the land data and the method for processing them automatically
Please introduce yourself and, if applicable, your team members to the Land Survey Automation community (public)
I am interested in the creative and information on science and technology
Define your areas of expertise and, if applicable, that of your team members (public)
Manufacturing planning and designing
Would you be willing to merge with another team? (public)
Would you welcome another individual on your team? (public)
If you were to welcome a new team member, what would be the desired area of expertise? (public)
Drone control programming
Measuring device
BIM Software
Virtual Reality
Anything else you'd like to share with the AiLTA community? (public)
In Virtual Reality World the surveyor can fly, teleport, work anywhere, anytime and concentrate on surveying without worrying about the weather or the risks as being on the land

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