Hi Prize Designers,

Thank so much for your INCREDIBLE work on designing such amazing prizes over the last couple months.  The designs you came up with exceeded even our loftiest hopes for what could be accomplished . Everyone involved —from sponsors to judges to our CEO Peter Diamandis himself—has been tremendously impressed.  So a huge, towering THANK YOU to all of you for your time and effort. We are inspired and grateful.


That said, your amazing work meant judging all of these designs over the past week was really, really hard!  Many of the judges involved in this couldn’t sleep over the last few days trying to come up with a final Top 3 in each Grand Challenge when there were so many worthy candidates.


Therefore, if you don’t see your name in the list of HeroX Competition Winners coming to Hackathon, please don’t take this as an indictment of your brilliance.  You had amazing designs and we really hope you’ll stay part of the Visioneering Process—and ultimately become competitors in these prizes once they are launched.  Stay tuned for ways to be involved, including voting for the People’s Choice Award following the Hackathon!


Now, please join us in congratulating the Top 3 winners in each of the Grand Challenges!


Feeding the Next Billion

Portable Food System Challenge by Gary Mancuso’s Team (USA)

Aeroponic Food System For Food Security by Tuija Pakkanen (Finland)

Gardens of Growth by Kristen Mitchell’s Team (USA)

Natural Disasters Prediction

Gaia Alert by  Sofia Charalampidou's Team (Germany)

Tropical Storm Prediction XPrize by Peyton Robertson (USA)

Ride The Eye XPRIZE by Ride The Eye Team (Germany)

Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty

Power to the Farmers by Josephine Phinith's team (Thailand)

The AgriCorder Challenge by The AgriCorder Challenge Team (India)

10 Billion Qullqa by  Soroush Parsa (USA)

Off-Grid Energy Access

The Village Power Prize by Sustainable Energy for Economic Development, RMI (USA)

Energy Democracy by Usman Iftikhar (Australia)

Affordable Off-Grid Refrigeration by F.A. Dowdy’s Team (Italy)

Saving Coral Reefs

Smart Reef Substrate by Symbiotic Reefs (United Kingdom)

The Coral Reef Restoration XPRIZE by Gator Halpern’s Team (USA)

Plant a Million Corals by David Vaughn (USA)