2019 Westpac Innovation Challenge

On a mission to find pioneering innovative solutions to help customers to draw more value from their data & enhance the customer experience.
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Do you have the data-driven idea or business that is a game-changer?

For over 200 years, Westpac has backed drive and imagination; helping to advance Australian businesses. At Westpac, we know when businesses thrive, we all thrive and that’s why we hold the Westpac Innovation Challenge each year. Since 2014, this initiative has firmly established itself as a national platform to help uncover those businesses that will help drive Australia’s future.

Fuelled by regulatory action, changing consumer behaviour and collaboration across industries, open data is shaping up a world of fresh opportunities and customer experiences in and around financial services.

Our challenge to entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers in 2019 is to come up with the next big idea that will shape the future of how we use data to drive new and improved customer experiences. 


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About the Westpac Innovation Challenge

Now in its sixth year, the Westpac Innovation Challenge has established itself as the launchpad and platform for entrepreneurs, start-ups and scales-ups to put forward their innovative new solutions to transform the Australia’s business landscape.

Along the way, we have unearthed and supported entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas for the agribusiness, property, healthcare, professional services and the regtech sectors. 

In 2019, data and how we use it, is reshaping business not just here in Australia but right around the globe. That’s why the theme for this year’s Innovation Challenge is Open Data. We’re looking for start-ups or scale-ups across any industry, with a pioneering innovative solution to help customers to draw more value from their data, while also enhancing the customer experience.

Whether it’s improving data flow in insurance, keeping our voice heard about how we want to live into retirement, keeping the power switched on, improving interactions with Government or creating efficiencies in running a business, these are all areas ready to be addressed in this year’s challenge.