Dear Innovators,

Submission time is getting closer, and to ensure that you are most set up for success, Mozilla has dropped yet another tip:


"Before you start writing your proposed solution--even if you feel that you remember all the important parts of the Challenge--we urge you to read the Challenge description one last time before you submit. First of all, it will refresh your memory on the "Your Solution" section which covers what would make up a quality submission.


Secondly, please review the "Judging Scorecard" section. Remember that we'll be judging your proposal by using the six criteria presented here (4 for completeness and 2 for quality). So judge your own submission the same way yourself before we do--and make sure that your proposal meet these criteria.

Lastly, we want to remind you that there is no "ideal" proposal, but by following the outline described above you may dramatically improve your submission and increase the chances of becoming the winner"


Good luck!

-Mozilla Voice Challenge Team