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Let's have a low gravity fun party!
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Construction of a beach and a putt set. Parasol included. Many scientific experiments can be added for fun too! A mix of fun and science! :)
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The goals

First, Having some fun with a party theme. Some party items should be designed to withstand the void of space. Even a beach ball could have just a bit of air. A special made parasol could even protect from the sun in case of a solar storm. Additional bottle of air under the bar section in case of emergency. Many small plastic items can be added to decorate the landing zone. An Ipod ( marketing here) could simulate a drinking situation and Apple would LUV to have its name on the moon! Not counting other companies and their logos. Its easy to have some corporations wanting to have their names up on the moon. Even a cheeze cuse... We all know the moon is made of cheeze! You see now what it would take but you must decide the items. I'm just creating the mood but many iems can be added and I don't know what you will reallt pick. Yes you can add a miniput and golf clubs (1 ton of balls cuse it will take a lot!

Some scientific experiments: the feather and the hammer... or a beach ball and bowling ball. A very special telescope for viewing things even with an helmet. A kit that can be created and to be build in one hour. Since the fun parts can stay on the moon, the tourists can bring back some rocks. Those rocks can be given to science or just sold.

Those 2 sections are just a glimp of things to do. Maybe you can add your own but all must be selected and build for the 4 tons weight limit.

** Additional note: I cannot imagine all this without a doctor or a very versatile physisit. I think a very polyvalent professional shoulld be added in case of something going really wrong up there. Half a ton of medical equipement. This led to 3,5 tons for the tourists... Food included! Can a room inside the moonship be created as a very versatile medical center (and web connection to a 24/24 earth medical center?

You see now what must be done for their money.

Real Courtemanche
Somewhere on planet earth :)
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