Wow! Thank you to everyone for all your amazing contributions – it was hard to choose just 12 ideas. Our judges from Fondation Botnar, Sahara Ventures and Creaholic selected the following semi-finalist teams that are through to the next round:


  • A parents' "cheat book" for adolescent upbringing – providing advice to parents on topics related to adolescent health including hygiene, substance abuse, violence and STDs.
  • AfyaPlus: Smart blood glucose level monitoring – early detection and treatment of noncommunicable diseases through monitoring of blood glucose via a smart mobile app.
  • AI and Blockchain Powered Micro-Dispensaries – a scalable and future-proof system that can reach even the most remote places and provide women with quality and personalised healthcare including preliminary diagnosis, critical medication, personal hygiene products and sexual health education.
  • Dr. Dora (Doctor Oriented Assistant) – a mobile-powered AI and machine learning app with speech recognition technology to help youths get help, information and/or knowledge and answers about their bodies and changes they face as adolescents. 
  • Dr. Elsa: Integrated, Intelligent Healthcare – an AI-powered, smart health assistant that aims to improve the national state of health through affordable, inclusive, and high-quality access to health expertise.
  • Identitas – a smart phone-based gaming social network platform that allows adolescents with learning difficulties to understand themselves, develop and build their social identity, find others who share the same interests, and discover their talent and natural vocation.
  • iMama Africa app – a Swahili app which provides maternal health advice through a smart chatbot for pregnant women and a portal with tips, reminders and information about birth preparedness and complication readiness.
  • Nuru: Integration of AI in Mental Health – a digital platform where users seek initial assessment and access to information about mental health and where professionals interact with patients.
  • UTI Diagnosis using smart phones a smart digital app for diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTI) through image recognition and machine learning.
  • VOICE – "SAUTI" – geospatial data analysis and data visualisation to mitigate violence against children, girls and young women.
  • YAPILI an all-around user-centered approach to health in the form of health advice, digitalisation of medical records and online medical follow up features.
  • Young Health Programme Tanzania – a team on a mission to fight noncommunicable diseases by leveraging new media and digital technology to increase public awareness in Tanzania.


Thanks to all the 47 teams who submitted their concepts. Congratulations to all for the great work and look forward to seeing how our semi-finalists evolve their ideas before we announce the teams through to the final on 12 September 2018.

The judging panel for the final selection will be announced soon and include representatives from Fondation Botnar, Creaholic, UNICEF, Impact Hub, Sahara Ventures and the Women Deliver Youth Network. 


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